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it means lol

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Q: What is the English system of method?
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What is the importance of the English system of measurement?

The English system (avoirdupois) allows those who use it a standardized and accepted method of describing quantities...the same as any other standardized system of measurement.

Calculation of 29.75 how much in English weight?

Please help me learn the conversion method of the metric system to pounds, ounces in English weight, What would be the caluation of 29.75k in English weight system?

What disadvantages does the metric system have over the English method of measurement?

None. Except perhaps that if you are accustomed to the English (or American) measurements, it may be a bit hard to get accustomed to other units.

What advantages does the metric system have over the English method of measurement?

The English system is based on arbitrary numbers and measurements, such as 12, 36, and 5,280. The Metric system - every aspect of it - is based on even multiples of ten, both going upward, and going downward. Just ten. Nothing else.

Which IDS method is operating system dependent?

The IDS method that is operating system dependent is Network Based

English meaning of modus operandi?

it means method of operating in English

What is the difference of english system to metric system?

The english system is the metric system. There is no difference.

What does system?

system means a method of classification ,arrangement.

What methods do not require a physical inventory periodic inventory system perpetual inventory method retail method or gross profit method?

periodic inventory system

Is the unit inch from the English system or international system?


What is adhoc system development method?

this is the development of a system as at when it is required.

Where is the System F method used?

The System F method was discovered by Jean-Yves Girard in 1972, and later John C. Reynolds in 1974. The System F method is used to denote type-level functions.