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2,/14, 3/21, 4/28, ...

Simply mutliply both the numerator and denominator by the same number, and you get whatever equal fraction you want.

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Q: What is the Equal ratio of one seventh?
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What is one seventh equal to in percentages?

1/7 is equal to 14.2857%.

What does one seventh equal as a decimal?


Is one seventh equal to one third?

If both objects that you are talking about are the same, then no, they are not.

Is a percent equal to a ratio?

No it is not equal to a ratio.

What does negative two and one- third times two and one- seventh equal?


What is two thirds plus one seventh equal?


One seventh of a day equals?

There are 24 hours in a day. One seventh of this is equal to 1/7 x 24 = 3.428571 recurring (that is, 3.4285714285...) hours.

What ratio of protons and electrons does an atom have?

Atoms are neutral, so the ratio must be ONE to ONE, '+' values are equal to '-' values

What is the definition of equal ratio?

An equal ratio is a ratio of equals. That's the answer, but it is obviously not clear. Here are some examples that will make it so. One to one. Ten to ten. Three and a half to three and a half. From a mathematical point of view, they're all the same (one to one equals ten to ten), but what's important is that however much of one thing one has, one will have an equal amount of the other if one has an equal ratio of those things. To make a dip for bread to cook up some french toast, use an equal ratio of milk and egg. Crack an egg (or eggs) into a tall glass. Look at the level. Add milk until the level is twice as high. There is a one-to-one ratio of egg to milk.

Which ratio is equal to 54 and 24?

Which ratio is equal to 54 : 24?

What ratio is equal to 45?

45/1 is one example.

What is the ratio equal to 110?

110 to 1 is one possible answer.

What is seven seventh equal to?

one7/7 = 1/1 = 1

What is eqivalent ratio?

an eqivalent ratio is an ratio that is equal or you can simplfiy it

What ratio is equal to 2 to 3?

20:30 is one example.

Which is not equal to the ratio 15 to 25?

15:24 is not equal to the ratio 15 to 25.

What is 1 over 10 as a proportion?

A proportion is (one ratio) equal to (another ratio). 1/10 is only one ratio. Without another ratio, there's nothing you can do to it to make a proportion.

What does it mean when the numerator and denominator are equal?

If they are both zero, the the fraction is undefined. Otherwise it means that the ratio is equal to one.

Is the ratio 2 to 5 equal to the ratio 5 to 2?

yes the ratio 2 to 5 is equal to 5 to 2 * * * * * No, they are not equal. That is like saying that two is equal to a half!

Is two fourteenths equal to five sevenths?

No, it would have to be ten fourteenths to equal five sevenths or one seventh equals two fourteenths.

What is the seventh squared number?

The seventh positive integer square is equal to 72 = 49.

Is the ratio of the angles of a triangle equal to the sides ratio?


Ratio of 57 hours to 4 days?

There are 24 hours in one day, therefore 4 days is equal to 24 x 4 = 96 hours. The ratio therefore is equal to 57:96, which, in its simplest form, dividing both sides of the ratio by 3, is equal to 19:32.

What does one over seventh plus three twenty ones equal?

Two sevenths. 2/7

Is two fourteenths equivalent to three sevenths?

no. two fourteenths are equal to one seventh.

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