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The GCF is 8c.

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GCF(8c, 16bc) = 8c

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Q: What is the GCF of 8c and 16bc?
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When was the aqueducts built?

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What is 4-8C in pharenhite?

4-8c in pharenhite = -4

8c equal how many pt?


How many years apart are January 1st 16BC and January 1st 80AD?

96 years

How do you factor 256c2-196?

4(8c - 7)(8c + 7)

What is the answer to 8c equals 60.00?

If 8c = 60, then c = 60/8 = 7.5.

What is the greatest common factor of 8c cubed and 24c cubed?

8c cubed

How do today world is related to world of 16BC?

We are both making improvements on inventions. We are both making new things.

What is the answer to -8c plus 1 equals -3?

-8c + 1 = -3 => -8c = -3 + 1 => -8c = -2 => c = -2/(-8) => c = 1/4 = 0.25

What does 6-11 plus 5-8c plus 9c equal to?

It is: 6-11+5-8c+9c = c

Which contains more water saturated 8c air or saturated 18c?

8c because the warmer the air, the more water it can hold

What is a single fraction?

-7c-5d/6c + 5c-9d/8c +1

-8c plus 1 equals -3 what is c?

-8c+1 = -3 -8c = -3-1 -8c = -4 Divide both sides by -8 in order to find the value of c remembering that a minus number divided into minus number is equal to a plus number: c = 1/2

13c - 5c?


What is 3c plus 11c?

It is 7 - 8c.

If 8a x 8b equals 8c divided by 8d what is d in terms of a b c?

(8a)(8b) = (8c)/(8d); multiply both sides by 8d to obtain (8a)(8b)(8d) = (8c); divide both sides by 8 to obtain (8a)(8b)d = c; divide both sides by (8a)(8b) to obtain d = c/[(8c)(8b)].

-15 equals 8c -15?

-15 = 8c - 15Add 15 to each side:0 = 8cDivide each side by 8:c = 0

What state is bromine in at -8c?

A gas

What is 8c to Fahrenheit?

8ºC = 46.4ºF

What is 8c converted to qt?


What is the answer to -8c plus 4-5?

What is the answer

What is 7c plus c?


What is 8c plus 24 plus 23 equals 71 what does c equal?

8c + 24 + 23 = 71subtract 47 from each side, 8c = 24divide each side by 8, c = 3

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