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Q: What is the IQ of someone in the 98th percentile?
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What must your IQ be to get into mensa?

Your IQ must rank you at the 98th percentile. That translates to a score of around 132.

How does an IQ of 140 rate?

It puts the person at the 98th percentile. That is genius level.

How high does your IQ need to be mensa level?

The requirement is 140 on a standard IQ test. That would be the top 98th percentile.

What does a IQ score of 140 mean?

It means you are in the 98th percentile of all people. You qualify for Mensa.

What is considered a genius adult IQ?

Anything over 140 is considered genius. It is the 98th percentile of the population.

What is an IQ score of 139?

Yes, that is well above average, close to the 98th percentile. A person with an IQ between 90 and 110 is considered average.

Is 159 IQ for a 8 year old child genius?

Anything over 140 is considered genius. That is the 98th percentile.

What does it mean that your 7 year old has a 141 IQ?

It means he has genius level potential. He is in the top 98th percentile of the population.

Is 149 a good IQ score?

Yes, that is very good and well above average, in the 98th percentile. Normal is considered anything from 90 to 110.

What was Robin Williams' IQ?

It is unknown what Robin Williams's IQ was, but he was a member of Mensa. To join Mensa, one must achieve a score at or above the 98th percentile on a standard test of intelligence, but this score ranges by IQ test. It is nearly always about 132, though.

How IQ is normally distributed?

IQ is distributed as with most things over a bell curve. A rough distribution is that for each 98th percentile IQ increases by 30 points (SB). This puts the top 2% of people around 130 IQ, 160 would be the top 2% of those top 2%, or 0.004% of the population.

What is the IQ score when the percentile is 95?

The 95th percentile represents an IQ of about 125.