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Q: What is the LCD of one third and four fifths?
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What is the LCD of one third and two fifths?


What is one third of four fifths?


What is four fifths divided by one third?


Is negative four fifths greater or less than negative one third?

negative fourth fifths is less than negative one-third

What is one third divided by four fifths?

It is: 5/12

What is least common denominator of one third and four fifths?


What is the difference of four fifths and one third?

The answer is seven fifteenths.Hope it helped!

Which fraction is larger one third or four fifths?


What is LCD of one half and one fifths?


What is one third of three fifths?

One third of three fifths is one fifth.

How can you add one-third of one-half to four-fifth of 7 and get 11?

Hint: four-fifths of "seven" is "even". Now how is one-third of one-half "el"?

What is two and four fifths divided by five and one third?


How many fifths in one and four fifths?

One is five fifths. Five fifths and four fifths is nine fifths.

What is negative one and four fifths divided by negative three and one third?


What is the lcd for one half and two fifths?


What is the lcd of one hald and three fifths?


What are four fractions between one third and one half?

two fifths, three sevenths, four nineths, five elevenths

What is one third multiplied by four and four fifths?

1/3 X 24/5= 8/5

What is twenty four fifths minus three?

Twenty four fifths is four and four fifths. So if you take three away, that leaves one and four fifths.

What is is bigger four fifths or one half?

four fifths

How is two fifths bigger than one third?

Two fifths is 40% and one third is ~33% :)

What is two fifths minus one third?

Two fifths minus one third is 1/15.

Is one third the equal to greater then or less than two fifths?

One third is greater than two fifths.

Four fifths divided by one third?

2 and 2/5

What is the LCD of one third and three fifths?

15. Because it is the smallest number that both 3 (from 1/3) and 5 (from 3/5) divide into.