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LCM(68, 102) = 204

HCF(68, 102) = 34

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204 and 34, respectively.

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Q: What is the LCM and HCF of 68 and 102?
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If the HCF and LCM of two numbers are 17 and 102 respectively and the HCF and LCM of two other numbers are 68 and 476 respectively then find the sum of the HCF and LCM of these four numbers?

HCF of 17 and 68 is 17 ..( Lowest Prime factor ) LCM Of 102 and 476 is 7*2^2*3*17 which is 1428 .. ==> Sum of HCF and LCM are 1428+17= 1445 .

What are the multiples of 68 and 102?

The multiples of 68 are 68, 136, 204 and so on. The multiples of 102 are 102, 204, 306 and so on. The common multiples of 68 and 102 are 204, 408, 612 and so on. The LCM is 204.

What is the LCM of 102 and 68?

LCM of 102 and 68 is 204. Write the numbers in prime factorisation in power form; for the LCM multiply together the highest power of each prime across the numbers: 102 = 2 x 3 x 17 68 = 22 x 17 LCM = 22 x 3 x 17 = 204

What is the LCM of 10and20 to their hcf?

LCM is 20 and the hcf is 10

What is the HCF and LCM of 3 and 18?

HCF = 3... LCM = 18 !

What is the HCF and LCM of 42 and 84?

hcf = 42, lcm = 84.

What is the HCF and the LCM of 144 and 192?

HCF is 48 and LCM is 576

What Is The Hcf And Lcm 120 And 180?

HCF is 60 and the LCM is 360

What is the HCF and LCM of 5 and 7?

hcf is 1 and LCM is 35

What is the LCM and hcf of 40 and 24?

They are: LCM = 120 and hcf = 8

Can the HCF of two numbers be a factor of their LCM?

The HCF is always a factor of the LCM of two numbers. The HCF is a factor of both the numbers which are factors of their LCM. Thus the HCF is also a factor of the LCM of the two numbers.

Can two numbers have 16 as their HCF and 380 as their LCM?

LCM = product/HCF so product = LCM/HCF in this case 380/16 which is 23.75, so the answer to your question is no.

What is the LCM and HCF of 100 120?

The HCF = 20 The LCM = 600

What is the gcf and LCM of 180 and 300?

GCF is 60, LCM is 900

What is the LCM of 17 and 102?

The LCM is 102.

The LCM of two numbers is twice their HCF?

5 and 10 lcm- 10 and hcf= 5

What is the HCF and LCM of the numbers 526 and 213?

hcf: 1 lcm: 112,038

What is the GCF and LCM of 68?

The GCF is 68, the LCM is 68

What is the use of HCF and LCM?

The HCF helps when reducing fractions. The LCM helps when adding or subtracting fractions.

The product of two number is 20736 and their HCF is 54 find the LCM?

LCM = Product/HCF = 384

What is the HCF and LCM of 16-108?


If LCM and HCF is known of 2 number along with 1 number can you find second number?

Yes: product of a & b = LCM x HCF so b = (LCM x HCF)/a

Why is the LCM of 12 and 13 the same as there product but the LCM of 12 and 14 is not the same as there product?

The LCM is the product of the two numbers divided by their HCF. With 12 and 13, the HCF is 1. Therefore, the LCM will equal the product. With 12 and 14, the HCF is 2. Therefore, the LCM will be half of the product.

What does HCF and LCM mean?

HCF - Highest Common Factor. LCM - Lowest Common Multiple.

What is the LCM of 136 and 102?

The LCM is 408.