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The LCM is 36bc^3.

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LCM(12b, 9c3) = 36bc3

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Q: What is the LCM of 12b and 9c3?
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What is the least common multiple of 36ab and 12b?

36ab = 3a x 12b so is the LCM

What is the LCM of 9b 12b?

The LCM of 9b and 12 b is 36b. LCM is Least Common Multiple.

What is the answer to 12b 4?


What is the greatest common factor of 6n4 and 9c3?

The GCF is 3.

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How many 3 digit combinations can be made from 0 to 9?

There are 9C3 = 84 combinations.

Factorise 6a-12b plus 30?

6a -12b + 30 = 6 (a - 2b + 5)

Solve 4 times the quantity of 3b minus 5 is less than negative 31 plus 12b?

4(3b - 5) < -31 + 12b12b - 20 < -31 + 12b, this is not true because -20 > - 31, so that the solution for the given inequality does not exist.

Factor 9c3-12c2 plus 18c-24?

3(3c - 4)(c^2 + 2)

Is 12 times b greater than 12 but is less than 24?

Only if b is greater than 1 and less than 2 will 12b be greater than 12 and less than 24. If b is 1 or less, 12b will be less than or equal to 12 If b is 2 or more, 12b will be greater than or equal to 24.

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24 = 48 - 12b subtract 48 from each side -24 = -12b divide both sides by -12 2 = b

How do you solve 5a 12b?


How many combinations to a 3 digit code from 0 to 9?

There are 9C3 = 10*9*8/(3*2*1) = 120 of them.

Combine like terms 15b plus 13c-12b plus 10c plus 8?

15b + 13c - 12b + 10c + 8 = 3b + 23c + 8

What is 3 x b x 4?


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How do you solve fractions negative 9 over 4b minus 10 over 3b equals negative 67 over 6?

-9/4b -10/3b =-67/6 9/4b +10/3b = 67/6 27/12b + 40/12b = 67/6 67/12b =67/6 12b = 6 b = 6/12 b=1/2

What is the lcd of these fraction 1a 12b plus 13c?


What is 3xbx4 in algebra?

The given expression in algebra can be simplified to 12b

Is (-3b) to the fourth power equal to -12b to the fourth power?

No, it is not.

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What is 12b plus 8 in factorizing terms?