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any wall 2' or over

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Q: What is the Length of wall requiring electrical outlet?
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What is the definition of duplex outlet?

Electrical wall outlet having two plug receptacles.

What happens when you put a magnet near an electrical outlet?

Nothing happens when you put a magnet near an electrical wall outlet.

Can you put an electrical outlet in a wall with narrow studs?


What fits on a desk and runs on power from an electrical wall outlet?


How far from a door can an electrical outlet be installed?

As close as you want. You must insall an outlet a minium of every 12 feet of wall space. If the wall is smaller that 24" it does not require an outlet.

What is the height for a wall electrical outlet?

12 inches to the top of the box from the floor.

How do you insulate an electrical outlet?

If the outlet is on an outside wall there is a plastic boot that goesaround the outlet. The purpose of this boot is to keep the vapour barrier intact. The edges of this boot are then taped to the wall vapour barrier to make a complete air seal. The insulation goes behind the outlet boot which allows the wall R value to remain the same as the rest of the wall.

How do you dedicate a wall outlet?

A dedicated wall outlet is the only one on the circuit.

Why only every other electrical outlet works on same wall?

For me five..ewanq nalang sa iba ...08:-)

Wall outlet voltage?

In the U.S. the wall outlet voltage is around 120 volts.

What kind of current comes from the wall outlet?

I know that it may be electrical current. yep it is thx i got a 96 on my test :) k.m

What is the source of electrical energy in a simple curcuit?

It's almost always either a battery or a power supply powered from a wall outlet.

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