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According to the MN DNR; (course first column is weight followed by length, body of water and date) Walleye 17-8 35.8 / 21.3 Seagull River Cook 05/13/1979 Walleye-Sauger Hybrid 9-13.4 27 / 17 3/4 Mississippi River Goodhue 03/20/1999

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Q: What is the Minnesota state record for the biggest walleye?
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What are the Minnesota state symbols?

the common loon and the walleye

Minnesota state record for the biggest perch?

5pounds 13 ounces

What is the state fish of Minnesota?

Adopted in 1965, the walleye, Stizostedion v. vitreum, is the official fish of the state of Minnesota.

Why walleye are good symbol representing the state of minnesota?

Because MN has MANY lakes , and that's where the walleye are found !

What state has the biggest deer?


Is Minnesota the 12th biggest state?

Minnesota does rank #12 in area.

What is Minnesota's state animal?

Minnesota is known as the Gopher State, even though Minnesota does not have an official state animal or mammal. Minnesota does have a state bird (the common loon), a state fish (the walleye), and a state Butterfly (the monarch butterfly). Please click on the related link below to view the complete list.

Does Minnesota have a state animal?

It has the Walleye as the state fish, the Common Loon as the state bird and the Monarch as the state butterfly. Please click on the related link below to view the complete list.

Why is the minnesota state fish called walleye?

The name walleye was inspired by the fact that their eyes reflect light, which allows the fish to see a night and in turbid water. Some people also call this "eyeshine," like that of a cat.

What are some of Minnesota's state things?

State capitol- St. Paul. State bird- Common Loon. State flower- Lady Slipper. State tree- Red pine. State fish- Walleye. State drink- Milk. State grain- Wild rice. State pro football team- Minnesota Vikings. State pro baseball team- Minnesota Twins. State pro hockey team- Minnesota Wild. State pro basketball team- Minnesota Timberwolves. State song- "Hail Minnesota". State population- 5,266,214 (as of July 2009).

Can you drive a school bus with a felony on your record in the state of minnesota?

No absolutely not

What is the area of Minnesota?

Minnesota is 86,943 square miles in area, or about 225, 365 square kilometers. It is the 12th biggest state in the US.

When was Minnesota admitted into the union?

On May 11, 1858 Minnesota became the 32nd State admitted to the Union ...Miscellaneous FactsState Bird :Common Loon State Insect : Monarch ButterflyState Fish : WalleyeState Flower : Pink and white Lady's SlipperState Tree : Norway PineState Mushroom : MorelState Grain :Wild RiceState Gemstone : Lake Superior AgateState Soil : Minnesota -LesterStats Beverage : MilkState Muffin : Blueberry

What is the size and name of the twelfth biggest state?

Virginia is the twelfth biggest state based on population. The estimated population in Virginia was 8,411,808 as of July 1, 2016 per the U.S. Census Bureau. Utah is the twelfth biggest state based on total land area. Utah has 82,169 square miles of land. Minnesota is the twelfth biggest state based on total area (land and water). Minnesota has total area of 86,935 square miles.

What is the Minnesota state record for non-typical bow kill?

The O'Konek Camp Ripley Buck taken by Scott O'Konek in October of 2009 was the state record.

Where can one go fishing in Walleye?

There are many places where one can go fishing in Walleye. One looking to go fishing in Walleye should go to Old Hickory Lake located in the state of Tennessee.

Which state has the most lakes?

Minnesota once claimed that record, but it surely belongs to Alaska now.

What is the state fish of Ohio?

There actually is no official state fish. Although, there is an unoffial state fish. And that is the walleye.

What year did the walleye become the state fish in South Dakota?

In 1982.

What is the current state mile record in Minnesota?

Fastest mile for an individual is 3:57.87, set by Ben Blankenship, University of Minnesota, on March 6, 2010.

What is the largest state in Minnesota?

Minnesota is the state.

Is it illegal to keep a walleye in a tank in your house?

Except for endangered species (which walleye are not), owning and keeping wild creatures is normally governed by state and local laws.

What state is Minnesota in?

Minnesota is a state, so it is not in any state.

What state is south of Minnesota?

State south of Minnesota

What state has the capital of Minnesota?

There is no state with a capital named Minnesota. Minnesota is a state with a capital of Saint Paul.