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Q: What is the Molecular structure of salt?
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What kind of structure does table salt have?

Single molecular

Do table salt and sea salt have the same molecular structure?

The structure, chemical formula unit and properties are the same.

What is the Molecular structure of trable salt?

Table salt or Sodium chloride has a cubic lattice structure with the sodium and chloride ions bonded to each other by strong ionic bonds.

Is kosher salt the same as pickling salt?

Picking salt is a very fine grain salt. Salt that is labeled 'kosher salt' is a coarse grain salt. Both salts have the same molecular structure.

On the molecular structure of a diamond the term crystal refers to?

What is the molecular structure of diamonds?

What does the formula for table salt indicate about the compound?

NaCl stands for one Sodium atom and one Chlorine atom. That would be the molecular structure of table salt.

Why does sugar have a more complicated structure than salt?

Because sugars involve three different elements (Carbon, Hydrogen and oxygen) arranged in a molecular structure, whereas table salt is an ionic compound of sodium and chlorine.

Is salt a molecular element or a molecular compound?

Salt is a molecular compound. It contains Na+ and Cl- ions in a 1:1 ratio.

What is the molecular structure of an alien?

there are no actual evidence of aliens therefore you cannot figure the molecular structure out

What does the molecular structure of baking soda look like?

the molecular structure would look like

What is the molecular structure of oranges?

Oranges are a very complex mixture and do not have any single molecular structure.

Who is credited for the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA?

The molecular structure of DNA was discovered by Watson & Crick.

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