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It is a terminating decimal.

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Q: What is the Name of a decimal that's stops?
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What is The name of a decimal that stops?

It is a terminating decimal.

What is the name of a decimal that never stops?

A non-terminating decimal.

What is the name of the decimal that never stops?

The decimal that never stops is called recurring decimal. For example - 1/3 = 0.3333... and goes on. Such decimals are written with a dot or bar on top of the numbers which are repeating.

What is a decimal that stops or ends?

Terminating decimal

How towrite 0.1 as a decimal?

thats already a decimal

What is a decimal that stops?


What is a decimal that stops or terminates with a remainder of zero?

It is a terminating decimal.

How is 0.5 a terminating decimal?

It stops there.

What is a decimal called that stops at a particular place?

A terminating decimal representation.

What do you call a decimal that never stops?

It is a non-terminating decimal number.

Where is the answer to a decimal that stops or terminates with a reminder of 0?

That's a terminating decimal.

4.44 is it a terminating decimal?

Terminating means stops. If it stops, it's a terminating decimal. If it keeps on going, it's repeating or recurring.

A decimal that stops or terminates?

termanating decimals

Is 1.33333 terminating decimal?

Yes if it stops there.

Is 6 point 111 a terminating or repeating decimal?

If it stops there then it is a terminating decimal.

What stops stomach bloating?

not being a fat ass Thats not a nice answer.....

How to write a repeating decimal?

for example if the decimal is 6.6 then to make it a repeating decimal you have to write it with a line on top of the .6 thats repeating

Why is o33333330 a terminating decimal?

it is a terminating decimal because it doesnt go on infinitely, it stops at the zero( it terminates)

78923 in decimal is what in hex?

78923 in decimal is 1344B in hex (thats the letter B at the end, not an 8 (eight))

What is termination and repeating?

If your talking about math then termination is where a decimal stops, e.g. 0.5. Repeating is when the decimal repeats e.g. 0.5555555

Is 0.235235 a terminating decimal?

As written, yes. If it keeps on going, no.

What is the decimal equivalent of a micron?

A micron is 0.000001 metres if thats what you mean

What is nineteen divisible by?

its divisibe by nothing but in decimal it can be divisible by 9.5 And thats all

How do you write in Decimal form of 23?

I have abosulty no idea thats why I came here

Why isn't 9.373 a repeating decimal?

Because it stops after a total of four digits!