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Q: What is the Other term for vertical analysis?
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What is better vertical or horizontal analysis?

No one is better or worse these are both methods for analysis which are somewhat different to each other as in vertical analysis comparison is made between different heads of accounts while in horizontal analysis comparison is made with competitors financial statements.

Vertical analysis is also known as?

Answer:Common-size analysis.

How do you compute vertical analysis?


What are Different Types of financial analysis?

Following are two kinds of financial analysis: 1 - Horizontal Analysis 2 - Vertical Analysis

The percent of fixed assets to total assets is an example of?

profitability analysis

What is feasibility analysis?

The analysis of how feasable something is. i.e. can you afford it. whilst looking at other factors such as long term profitability.

An analysis in which all the components of an income statement are expressed as a percentage of net sales is called?

vertical analysis

What is the full form of xyz analysis?

Horizontal, Vertical, Depth

Can stress be resolved into horizontal and vertical components?

Force can be resolved into horizontal and vertical components using vector analysis. However stress cannot be resolved into horizontal and vertical components using vector analysis since it is not a vector but a tensor of second order.

What term is column in oil and gas industry?

The other term for column in oil and gas industry is tower or either vessel(vertical vessel)

What is the formula to obtain Vertical analysis?

Each item/total assets=%

How do you spell vertical?

That is the correct spelling of "vertices", the plural of the term vertex.