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An acre is 43,560 square feet.

So, any two numbers of feet which, when multiplied together, give 43,560 can do for the length and width.

If several people have rectangular fields which are all 1 acre in area....

* Tom might have a field which is 120 x 363 feet * Dick might have a field which is 66 x 660 feet * Harriet might have a field which is 88 by 495 feet

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Q: What is the Standard width and length of one acre in feet?
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What is the length by width of an acre?

An acre contains 43,560 square feet. The length and width is about 209 by 209 feet.

What is the length and width of an acre of land?

1 acre = 43,560 square feet so for example: 100 feet long by 435.6 feet wide would equal one acre Length x Width = Square Feet Square Feet / 43560 = acres 208.71ft by 208.71ft is equal to one acre

What is the width in feet on 2.54 acres of land?

An acre is a unit for area. Width x length. You can obtain the 2.54 acre area with a lot of length and width combinations. If you don't know the length, you cannot determine with any certainty what the width will be.

How many feet is an acre length by width?

There are 43,560 ft2 in an Acre.43560-2 = 208.71 Or ...An Acre is a square, 208.7 ft on a side.

What is is the standard width and length of one acre in meters?

While an acre can take any shape and still have 1 acre of land area, the original acre measurement was 660 feet by 66 feet, so with 1 ft = 0.3048 m, this corresponds to 201.168 meters by 20.1168 meters.

What are the length and width measurements on a quarter acre?

The length can be any number that you like, greater than 104.4 feet. Pick any number > 104.4 ft for the length and the width will be (10890 / 104.4) feet

What is standard length and width of 100 acres?

There is no standard length and width. An acre can be any shape provided it covers an area of 43560 sq feet. So 100 acres would be any area of 4,356,000 square feet. The shape need not even be rectangular - it could be circular, triangular, or any random shape.

How do you measure an acre of land?

There are 43,560 square feet in one acre so take the length times the width in feet and divide by that figure to find the number or fraction of an acre. If the property is irregular, take length times width of each roughly rectangular chunk and add them together before dividing.

My house lot size is 40 x 125 is that consider one fourth of an acre?

1 acre = 43,560 square feet40' x 125' = 5,000 square feet = 0.115 acre (rounded)That's 11.48% of an acre . . . less than 1/8 of an acre.1/4 acre = 10,890 square feet. If a lot is a 1/4-acre rectangle,then its length and width multiply to produce 10,890 .The 'acre fraction' of any rectangle is(length in feet) times (width in feet)/43,560

What is the length and width of 0.26 acres?

Convert that to square feet. As a reminder, an acre is 43,560 square feet. Then, choose any width you like; divide the number of square feet by that number to get the corresponding length (for a rectangular area).

How big is a standard tennis court?

The standard playing area for a tennis court is 78 feet in length and 36 feet in width. These dimensions include the doubles area. The standard playing area for strictly singles play is 78 feet in length and 27 feet in width.

How many feet long and wide is 1 acre of land?

1 acre is equal to 43,560 square feet or 4840 square yards. The length and width can have any value.

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