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use the number as a percentage eg. 30% divided by 10 >>> 10% of 30% is ??? 3 (30 divided by 10) easy peasy x

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Q: What is the State with the most volume of surface water?
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What is the state of most water common on the earth's surface?


What shape can you heat water most efficiently?

A sphere. It has minimum surface area per volume.

What ocean carries the most water?

Pretty sure that the Pacific is the largest body of water in surface area, but that the Atlantic ocean contains a higher volume of water.

What shape has the most surface area?

least volume and most surface area is 3D triangle

What is a 6 letter word that means state of water that is most common on earths surface?


What layer of the earths surface has the most volume?


What state of water is most common on Earths surface?

Liquid water--oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, aquifers, and streams.

State of water that is most common on earth's surface?

liquid, cause its in the ocean rivers lakes etc

Most of earths surface is covered with?

Most of the earths surface is covered with water. There is land under that water though, below the surface.

What state has the most fresh water?

The state of Alaska has the most freshwater by volume with over 94,000 square miles of water areas within the state boundaries. However, Michigan has the largest percent of a state that is freshwater, with over 41% of the state's area being freshwater.

What is the most likely reason for a desert plant to have a few or no leaves?

Most likely to decrease its surface area to volume ratio (SA:V) thus minimising water loss.

What shape would have the least Surface Area and the most volume?

A circle

Does liquids expand?

I assume your question deals with expansion in volume under conditions of heating and / or cooling. I believe that most liquids expand in volume when they are heated and contract in volume when they are cooled. Water does not follow this pattern entirely - it expands when it is cooled from a liquid state to a solid state.

What state of matter undergoes changes in volume most easily?

Gases adapt most easily to changes in volume.

How does the surface tension of water compare with the surface tensions of most other liquids?

The surface tension of water is higher than that of most other liquids. Water has a surface tension of 7.29 * 10-2 J/m2 at 20oC.

Why do most water loss occur from the lower surface of the leaf?

why do most water loss usually from the lower surface of the leaf by transpiration

What is the most common state of Water?

Liquid is the most common state of water.

A student measured the volume of water in a pan The student boiled the water for thirty minutes and then measured the volume of the water again The volume of water most likely be what?

Less, possibly gone.

How do water's relative densities as a solid and a liquid differ from that of most other subtances?

Ice floats. Most other substances are denser in the solid state.

What state do water molecules have the most energy?

Water as steam in the gas state has the most energy compared to water in the liquid or solid state.

Is most of the water on the earths surface fresh water or salt water?

Salt Water

What is the most common state of the suns surface?


What is the most common state of the sun's surface?


Most of Earth's surface is covered by?