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Q: What is the United States national form of measurement?
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Long form of guard?

The full form for Guard is National Guard of the United States.

When did the first badminton club in United States form?

when did the United States form? when did the United States form?

What form of democracy does the United States have?

representative.The United States is a Republic which is the form of democracy.

What is the plural form of United States?

United States is the name of a country. There can only be one United States, so the question is purely academic. There can be no plural form.

What form of voting was introduced in the united States in 1888?

The form of voting that was introduced in the United States in 1888 was the process of secret ballot.

How many feet in 6m?

There are 19,685 feet in 6 meters. The meter is a form of metric measurement that is used in most countries in the world. The United States does not use metrics.

How and why did the US form?

the united states form when they broke from britain

How much is 1.7 miles?

Miles are a form of measurement that are used on the Imperial system within the United States. 1.7 miles is equivalent to 2.73588 kilometers, which are used on the Metric system.

Which form of government is used in the United States today direct or representative?

The United States is a representative republic.

What form of communication connect regions in the United states?

What forms of communication connect regions in the United States?

What countries form boundaries in the US?

There are two countries that form the borders of the United States: Canada and Mexico. Canada forms the northern border of the United States and Mexico forms the Southern border of the United States.

What are some national statistics on plea bargaining?

Anywhere from 90%-95% of cases in the United States end up in some form of plea bargaining.

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