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490 lbs per cubic foot

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Q: What is the Weight of steel per cubic foot?
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What is the weight of one cubic inch of mild steel?

Mild steel weight .2833 lbs. per cubic inch.

What is the weight of W50 grade 1 steel?

what is the weight per cubic inch of W50 steel

What is the weight of 1 cubic foot of water in pounds?

62.4 pounds per cubic foot

What is the weight of 1 cubic foot of agricultural lime?

80 lbs per cubic foot

How do you convert lb per cubic foot into tons?

You can't-lb per cubic foot is a measurement of pressure, tonnes is measure of weight. You could convert Ib per cubic foot to tonnes per cubic foot or more usually, gram per cubic centimetre but not lb per cubic foot to tonnes

Weight of water per cubic foot?

1 cubic foot of water weighs about 62.458 pounds.

What is the weight of one cubic foot of basalt?

Basalt (solid)--188 pounds per cubic foot.

What are the units for measuring specific weight?

Specific weight is a substance's weight (not mass) per unit volume. If you take a known volume of something -- say a cubic foot of it -- and place it on a scale, you know how much it weighs per cubic foot. So, let's say you have a cubic foot of water. Although its weight will vary somewhat with temperature, its average SW is about 62.4 pounds per cubic foot. Compare that to gasoline at 42.5 pounds per cubic foot and mercury at 847 pounds per cubic ft.

How much does SA 516-70 weigh per square foot?

you cant really get a weight on a square foot basis, you need the thickness, steel generally weighs 495 lbs per cubic foot

Weight of paper per cubic foot?

133 lbs.

What is corn weight per cubic foot?

44.8 Lbs

Weight of dirt?

About 100 pounds per cubic foot

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