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Q: What is the Written value of 0.2?
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What is the numeric value of 02?

02 in Roman Numerals is written as II

What is 1.01784001464844E-02?

The number is written in scientific notation. The -02 at the end tells you to move the decimal point two places to the left. That gives the following value:0.0101784001464844

When was Her Market Value created?

Her Market Value was created on 1925-02-09.

When was Absolute Value - album - created?

Absolute Value - album - was created on 2008-02-19.

What is greater in value 2.38 or 2.4?

2.38<2.4 by .02

What is the value of 5 in 5678.321?

Twenty .02 Hundredths placewhat

What has the author Mark A Clements written?

Mark A. Clements has written: '6:02'

What is 2 percent of 39?

2% = .02. Thus, by multiplying these values together, you have your end value. .02(39) = 0.78.

What has the author Sa-gwa Kim written?

Sa-gwa Kim has written: '02'

1988 topps jack howell baseball card value?

.02 if your lucky

What is the value of a check?

A cheque can be written for any value.

What is the birthday 20 02 2002 in Roman numerals?

The date 20-02-2002 written in Roman numerals would be XX.II.MMII