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Q: What is the abbreviation for 3 inches?
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Abbreviation for the unit that has 12 inches?

12 inches = 1 foot - abbreviation ft.

What is the abbreviation for inches?

The abbreviation for the measurement of an inch or inches is "in."

Abbreviation for centimeter?

The abbreviation for centimeter is cm. The abbreviation for meter is m. The abbreviation for inches is in. The abbreviation for liter is L.

What is the proper abbreviation for inches?


1 yd means what?

yd is the standard abbreviation for a yard, which is a length unit measuring 3 feet or 36 inches. ■

What is the abbreviation for inches in spanish?

inches = pulgadas I would imagine the abbreviation to be something like 'pgdas', though I have seen 'pulg' in the singular (pulgs? plural?)

How do you write inches?

You can write inches using the abbreviation in. Inches are also written using the " symbol. Some examples are 5 inches = 5 in or 5 inches = 5".

What is the abbreviation for cubic inches?

Cubic inch = inch3Cubic inch = cu. in.

How do you convert 574 in to yards feet and inches?

There are 12 inches in a foot and 3 feet in a yard. There are 36 inches in a yard. "in" is an abbreviation for inches, so you will not need to convert into inches as the measurement is already in inches. To convert inches into feet, divide the number by 12. There are 47 feet in 574 inches, with a remainder of 10 inches. there are 15 yards in 574 inches, with a remainder of 34 inches.

What does the abbreviation Hg mean in meteorology?

Inches of mercury, as it relates to atmospheric pressure.

Abbreviation for Square inches?

Use in2 or sq. in., which is most commonly used.

Does two feet equal 2'?

Yes. In fact, 2' is the abbreviation for 2 feet. If you see something like this: 4'3", that means 4 feet and 3 inches.