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Q: What is the abbrieviation for cent?
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How do you spell the numbers 101 to 120 in French?

Cent et un Cent deux Cent trois Cent quatre Cent cinq Cent six Cent sept Cent huit Cent neuf Cent dix Cent onze Cent douze Cent treize Cent quatorze Cent quinze Cent seize Cent dix-sept Cent dix-huit Cent dix-neuf Cent vingt

What are the numbers 140 to 160 in french?

cent quarante cent quarante et un cent quarante deux cent quarante trois cent quarante quatre cent quarante cinq cent quarante six cent quarante sept cent quarante huit cent quarante neuf cent cinquante et un cent cinquante deux cent cinquante trois cent cinquante quatre cent cinquante cinq cent cinquante six cent cinquante sept cent cinquante huit cent cinquante neuf cent soixante

What is 100 to 169 in French?

100 is un cent 101 is cent-et-un 102 = cent-deux 103 = cent-trois 104 = cent-quatre 105 = cent-cinq 106 = cent-six 107 = cent-sept 108 = cent-huit 109 = cent-neuf 110 = cent-dix 111 = cent-onze 112 = cent-douze 113 = cent-treize 114 = cent-quatorze 115 = cent-quinze 116 = cent-seize 117 = cent-dix-sept 118 to be continued

How would you round to the nearest cent 35.63?

35.63 cents = 36 cent (to the nearest cent).35.63 cents = 36 cent (to the nearest cent).35.63 cents = 36 cent (to the nearest cent).35.63 cents = 36 cent (to the nearest cent).

What are the number from 100 to 500 in french?

100-cent 101- cent-et-un 102- cent deux 103- cent trois 104- cent quatre 105- cent cinq 106- cent six 107- cent sept 108- cent huit 109- cent neuf 110- cent dix 111- cent onze 112- cent douze 113- cent treize 114- cent quatorze 115- cent quinze 116- cent seize 117- cent dix-sept 118- cent dix-huit 119- cent dix-neuf 120- cent vingt 121- cent vingt-et-un 122- cent vingt deux etc. 130- cent trente etc. 140- cent quarante 150- cent cinquante 160- cent soixante 170- cent soixante-dix 171- cent soixante-onze 172- cent soixante douze 173- cent soixant treize 174- cent soixante quatorze 175- cent soixante quinze 176- cent soixante seize 177- cent soixante dix-sept 178- cent soixante dix-huit 179- cent soixante dix-neuf 180- cent quatre-vingt 181- cent quatre-vingt-et-un 182- cent quatre-vingt deux etc. 190- cent quatre-vingt dix 191- cent quatre-vingt onze etc. 200- deux cent etc. 300- trois cent etc. 400- quatre cent etc. 500- cinq cent etc.

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