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|z - 8| or whichever of (z - 8) and (8 - z) that is non-negative.

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Q: What is the absolute value of the difference of z and 8?
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What is the value of 8Z equals 64?

Z=²8² = 8x8 = 64the value of z = 8

What are three components of an absolute value fraction?

An absolute value fraction is of the form x y/z where x, y and z are positive integers.x is the integer quotient of the fractions,z is the divisorand y is the remainder.

What is the GCF of z and z to the second power?

If ' z ' is greater than ' 1 ', then ' z ' is. If ' z ' is less than ' 1 ', then ' 1 ' is.

What is the difference between z value and z score?

They refer to the same thing as do z-transformations.

What is the absolute value of z minus 3 is less than 6?

|z - 3| < 6 => 0

How do you rewrite an absolute value equation as two linear equations?

x=abs(y+z) x=+(y+z)=y+z x=-(y+z)=-y-z

What denotes the number of standard deviations a particular score is from the mean?

The absolute value of the z-score.

Write an absolute value equation?

EX: y=|2x+4| EX: z= -|4s^2|

What is mode of z in complex no?

In complex mode functions, modules, and procedures cannot operate. For a complex number z = x + yi, first define the absolute value. This would be |z| and is the distance from z to 0 in the complex plane.

What is the difference between Z-Test and The Z-score?

The Z-score is just the score. The Z-test uses the Z-score to compare to the critical value. That is then used to establish if the null hypothesis is refused.

Find the value of Z in the following equation 8Z equals 64?


What is the absolute value of 2z-3 equals 0?

2z-3 equalls 0 and 2z equalls 3 and z equalls 3/2 therefore z = 1.5

Find the absolute value of the complex number z equals 3 plus 4i?

('|x|' = Absolute value of x) |3+4i| = &radic;(32 + 42) = &radic;(9+16) = &radic;25 = 5 Thus |3+4i| = 5.

What is it when Z varies directly with x and inversely with y When x 2 and y 4 z 3 What is the value of z when x 4 and y 9?

z = 8/3.

What is the missing length 4 in z 9 in Volume equals 288 cubic inches z equals inches ย ?

The value of z is 8 inches because 4*8*9 = 288 cubic inches

What does 8 plus z equals -z plus 2?


What is z - 8 equals -12?


What value of z solves the equation z-31 equals 64?

If: z -31 = 64 then the value of z is 95

Can a z score be a negative value?

Yes. The z or Standard Normal distribution is symmetric about the value z = 0.

What is the expression of 8 less than z?

It is: z-8

If a normal distribution has a mean of 44 and a standard deviation of 8 what is the z-score for a value of 50?

z = (x - &micro;)/&sigma; = (50 - 44)/8 = 6/8 = 3/4 = 3 &divide; 4 = 0.75

What is the value of a 'z' score of 0?

A z-score of 0 means the value is the mean.

3.2 + z = โˆ’7 what is the value of Z?


8 is added to one third of z?

z/3 + 8

What does oh and 2 makes 8?

Z is equal to 6. Z+2=8 8-2=6 Z=6