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+7/9, positive seven over nine.

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Q: What is the additive inverse of negative seven over nine?
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What is the opposite of nine?

The number (-9) is the additive inverse of 9.Inverse operations can also be used to find the additive inverse of a specific number. For example, -9 is the additive inverse of 9 since the sum of -9 and 9 is 0. Additive inverses come in pairs; 9 is the additive inverse of -9, just as -9 is the additive inverse of 9. Any two numbers are additive inverses if they add up to 0.Visualize a pair of additive inverses on the number line. The number 9 and its additive inverse -9 are both nine units away from 0 but on opposite sides of 0. For this reason, -9 is called the opposite of 9, and 9 is the opposite of -9. The opposite of a number may be positive or negative.

What is negative nine plus two?

Negative seven

Is five greater than negative seven and is negative seven greater than negative nine?

Yes. (Yes to BOTH)

How do you solve in words -9 - -2?

Subtract negative two from negative nine. = Add two to negative nine. = Negative seven.

What is positive seven plus negative nine?


Why Q10 cannot be negative?

Because seven ate nine.

What is negative seven plus nine?

-7 + 9 = 2

What is smallest seven digit number?

9,999,999 or negative nine million, nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine

How do you solve negative nine to the second power plus seven?


What divided by seven equals negative nine?

-63 ÷ 7 = -9

Why are additon and subtraction inverse operations?

An inverse is something that is opposite or contrary in position, direction, order, or effect. If I have nine things and acquire seven more things, I have sixteen things. The opposite of that is if I have sixteen things and give away seven things, I am left with nine things. 9 + 7 = 16 16 - 7 = 9

What is the value of negative 9?

negative nine is the value of negative nine

What is negative forty eight and three tenths divided by negative seven?

The exact form would be 69/10 (sixty-nine tenths). The decimal form would be 6.9. The mixed number form would be 6 9/10 (six nine-tenths).

What is negative nine times nine?

Negative 81.

What is the complex conjugate of negative one minus nine imaginary?

It is negative one plus nine imaginary.It is negative one plus nine imaginary.It is negative one plus nine imaginary.It is negative one plus nine imaginary.

What is negative two over seven divided by negative four over forty-nine?

(-2/7) / (-4/49) = (-2/7) * (-49/4) = 98/28 = 3.5

What is the answer if you subtract positive twentyseven from negative sixtynine?

If you subtract positive twenty-seven from negative sixty-nine, you would get negative forty-two. You simply subtract the 27 from the 69 but leave the negative sign.

What is negative nine minus negative nine?

-9 - -9 = 0

What is negative twenty nine minus negative twenty one?

Negative twenty nine minus negative twenty one is negative eight.

What is negative nin plus nine divided by seven times seven?

If there are no parenthesis then -9+9/7*7=0 as 0/49 =0

What is negative nine times positive nine?

Negative eighty one :d

Can you give a mathematical sentence with square root?

Remember when taking the square root of a number, that there is the positive answer, but also there is a negative numbert answer. An example is the square root of 49 can be either 7 or negative seven, because when you multiply negative seven times itself, you get forty nine.

What is the sum of nine and negative nine?


What is the difference between 18 and minus 9?

Eighteen minus negative nine is twenty-seven 18-(-9)=27

What is eight less than seven times a number is negative twenty nine?

As a mixed number, 5 3/7