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If: x+18 = 2x

Then: x = 18

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Q: What is the algebraic equation for a number plus eighteen equals twice the number?
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How would you write this as an algebraic equation eighteen more than 4 times the quantity of a number increased by 1 is 14?

4x+x+18 = 14

What is an algebraic number?

An algebraic number is a complex number which is the root of a polynomial equation with rational coefficients.

Three times a number is 5 more than twice the same number. The algebraic equation 3x equals 5 plus 2x represents this situation. Use the equation to find the number.?


When can you say that a number is called a solution in algebraic expression?

An algebraic equation or inequality can have a solution, an algebraic expression cannot. If substituting a number in place of a variable results in the equation or inequality being a true statement, then that number is a solution of the equation or inequality.

What is the algebraic equation for 13 and a number plus seven equals 5 and a number minus 20?

13 + a + 7 = 5 + b - 20. This assumes the two numbers are different.

What is the algebraic equation for double a number plus 20?


How do you write an algebraic expression for the sum of a number and -6 is 4?

You cannot write an algebraic expression for that, you need an equation. The equation is n - 6 = 4

What is three quarters of 24?

To figure that out you first ask, "What number is three fourths of twenty-four?"Then you have to turn that question into an equation. To do this, you break down the question into parts:What number | is | 3/4 | of | 24In algebraic equations, "is" means "equals" and "of" means "times". So you can insert those into the equation to make it mathematically understandable:What number = 3/4 x 24Then you designate "What number" as N, and you have a proper equation:N = 3/4 x 24Now you multiply on the right side of the equation to getN = 18Now if you return to the sentence, you can replace "What number" with "eighteen":Eighteen is three fourths of twenty-four.

When does a number or value called a solution to an algebraic?

If I understand the question correctly, it is when the algebraic equation (or inequality) is true.

What is eighteen subtracted from a number equals 31?


Eighteen subtracted from a number equals 31?


How is 6 divided by a number written in an algebraic equation?