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The expression is: ab-18

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Q: What is the algebraic expression for a when 18 is less than ab?
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What is y less than 18 times 6 in an algebraic expression?

y < 18 x 6

Is 12z-18 a numerical expression or a algebraic expression?

It is an algebraic expression

What is the quotient of 18 and n algebraic expression?


What is the algebraic expression for 18 decreased by 3 times D?

It is: 18-3D

What is -18-34v3?

It is an algebraic expression involving the variable, v.

How do you write 18 decreased by 3 times a number in an algebraic expression?

18 - 3n

What is 3x -15?


What is 18 -6x 3y?

It is an algebraic expression because it does not contain an equality sign.

What is 45x plus 2 -18?

It is an algebraic expression that can be simplified to: 45x -16

What is 18 minus x?

As an algebraic expression it is simply: 18-x

How do you write 3 times a number decreased by 18 in algebraic expression?

Let x be the number and so it is: 3x-18

How do you change 18 plus s into a algebraic word phase?

change the algebracic expression into a word phase 18+s

What is 3n plus 18 what is n?

3n+18 is an algebraic expression and n is an unknown variable

Is there a difference between 18 less 12 and 18 less than 12?

18 less 12 means 18 minus 12. The answer to 18 less 12 is 6. 18 less than 12 means 12 minus 18. The answer to 18 less than 12 is negative 6.

What is less than 18 inches?

17.9 inches is less than 18 inches.

Is -18 greater than or less than -8?


Is 18 feet less than or greater than 18 meters?

18 ft is less then 18 meters (18ft<18meters)

Is negative 18 less than negative 10?

yes;-18 is less than -10

Is 15 less than or equal to 18?

less than

Is 18 in. Greater than or less than 18 cm.?

18 inches is greater than 18 cm

Is 18 greater or less than -18?


What decmial is less than negative 18 and greater than negative 1?

none. all numbers, decimal or integer, less than -18 are also less than -1.

Is 10 less than -8?


Is 18 inches 'greater than or equal to' or 'less than' 2feet?

Less than.

What is algebraic equation for six more than twice a number is 18?

6+2x=18 x=6