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y + 15 = 10

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Q: What is the algebraic expression for excess of 15 over y equals 10?
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What is 27 over x 9 over 4?

It is an algebraic expression

What does n over 5 -1 7 equal?

It is an algebraic expression

What situation can be represented by the algebraic expression 3.50t?

seven t over two

What will be the expression of excess of 9 over y?

(9 - y)

What is 5 over x plus 2 plus 6 over x - 3?

It is an algebraic expression

What is 9a over 2 minus 5 over 2?

It is an algebraic expression that can be simplified to: 4.5a-2.5

What type of equation is X equals Y over Z?


Why 7 over X is not an algebraic term with one unknown?

Because there's no algebraic equations used. However, it is still used as an expression.

What is the algebraic expression for negative fifteen is divided by a number?

-15 ----- n (-15 over a variable)

What is 2a-b over a plus 5?


What is the algebraic expression for 10 times the sum of g over h?

There seems to be something missing in the question. But, as it stands, the expression is 10*g/h

Write as an algebraic expression The quotient of x and 8 is greater than 44?

X over 8 > 44

How do you write as a word phrase for each algebraic expressions y over 5 minus 10?

What does the algebraic expression x - 3 / 2 say in words

2 over 3 x-4 over 5 y plus 3 over 4x plus 3 over 10 why?

Because without an equality sign it is not an equation but it is an algebraic expression.

What is 2 over x plus 1 over 3 equals 4 over x?

It's an algebraic equation in one variable. [ x=6 ] is its solution.

What is the value of the expression j-2h over 16 when j equals 76 and h equals 6?


How do you solve x plus 13 over 20?

To solve for x, we'd have to know what this expression equals.

What algebraic property is being used 4 multiplied by x plus y equals 4x plus 4y?

The distributive property of multiplication over addition.

What are the rules of division and multiplication in algebraic expression?

If you multiply X by Y you have to write XY (in alphabetical order).If you divide X by 2 you should write X over 2 (like a fraction).

How do you solve x squared-x-6 over x squared-4 if x2?

With great difficulty because in the absence of an equality sign it has no solutions but it is just some kind of algebraic expression.

How do you write half as many pages as george as an algebraic expression?

Pages = George/2 Your can write the last part as George over 2 (with the fraction line), or George divide sign 2.

Choose the answer that represents the correct simplified expression of this term d equals 3 and 2 over 3 minus 5 and 1 over 6?

d = -1 1/2

In finance what is an excess of liabilities over assets called?

What is excess of total liability over a total assets?

What is 21 over 40 simplified?

21 over 40 is irreducible as a fraction expression. 21 over 40 is 0.525 as a decimal expression.

Simplifying rational algebraic expressions15x cube25xsquared?

3x over 5