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It is: r/15

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Q: What is the algebraic expression for r divided by 15?
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What is triple r in algebraic expression?

It is simply 3r

What is the algebraic expression of 5 times the sum of p and r?

" 5(p+r) " is.

How do you write 1 minus the quotient of r and 7 in algebraic expression?

It is 1 - r/7

How do you convert algebraic expression into qbasic expression?

how can we convert algebraic expression into QBASIC a square + b square i = pTR/100 2xy mx+c a=r square a+b

How do you write the expression 35 divided by r?


What is the algebraic expression of 35 multiplied by the quantity r less 45?


What is the equivalent resistance as an algebraic expression in terms of R of network A as viewed from its port?


What is the algebraic expression for six less than seven times r?


What is the algebraic expression of 14 more than the difference of r and s?

It is |r - s| + 14 or abs(r - s) + 14.

What are two phrases you can write for the expression 35 divided by r?

35/r 35 ÷ r

What is a Variable expression for 5 divided by r?

r (division sign) 5

What is 3011 divided by 15?


What is the answer to 170 divided by 15?


What is k x p x t r x 100 x 365?

It is an algebraic expression. It resembles the formula for calculating the simple interest, but there are several discrepancies.

What is an algebraic for the quotient of r plus 5 and b?

(r + 5)/b

What is 15 divided by 4 with remainders?


What is 15 divided by 485?


What has the author R Benedetti written?

R. Benedetti has written: 'Real algebraic and semi-algebraic sets' -- subject(s): Algebraic Geometry, Geometry, Algebraic, Ordered fields 'Branched standard spines of 3-manifolds' -- subject(s): Three-manifolds (Topology)

What has the author R Lawther written?

R. Lawther has written: 'Centres of centralizers of unipotent elements in simple algebraic groups' -- subject(s): Linear algebraic groups 'A1 subgroups of exceptional algebraic groups' -- subject(s): Linear algebraic groups, Lie algebras

What is the answer for the algebraic equation -14 r -42?


How do you find the radius of a circle when given the circumference?

The radius is the circumference divided by 2 x pi.C= pi(2r)R=C/2piDivide the circumference by Pi (about 3.1416). This gives you the diameter. Now divide the diameter by two to get the radius.Divide the circumference by pi divided by 2Visit the website in the related link. The formula (any algebraic expression) for the different parts of the circle are on there, and it explains it very well.

What is 15 divided into 4?


How many combinations can be made using of fifteen thing taken four at a time?

Formula: nCr = n! divided by (n-r)! x r!where n is the number of things to choose from and you choose r of them15C4 = 15!divided by (15-4)! x 4! = 1365 ways

What is 530 divided by 34 with remainder?


Rx-st r which expression represents x?

x = (r + st)/r is the expression that represents x in the equation rx - st = r.