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Q: What is the algebraic expression for seven less than the product of nine and the square of a number b?
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What is the algebraic expression of square of a quotient of a number and seven?


How do you write an algebraic expression four times the sum of a number and its square?


How do you convert algebraic expression into qbasic expression?

how can we convert algebraic expression into QBASIC a square + b square i = pTR/100 2xy mx+c a=r square a+b

What is the square root of Scotland?

A square root is a mathematical function whose argument must be a number - or an expression that can be evaluated so as to give a number. Since Scotland is neither a number nor an algebraic expression, the question makes no sense.

What is the algebraic expression for the sum of three times a number and -2 is the same as sixteen?

One more than the square of x

What is the square root of Paris?

Paris is not a numerical value of algebraic expression and so does not have a square root.

What is the algebraic expression for the square of the sum of two numbers equals the sum of their squares plus twice their product?

Equation, not expression. A and B are two numbers. (A + B)2 = A2 + B2 + 2(AB) ----------------------------------

The square of the first term of a binomial minus twice the product of the two terms plus the square of the last term is known as which formula?

Given the algebraic expression (3m - 2)2, use the square of a difference formula to determine the middle term of its product.

The process of writing a number algrebraic expression as a product?

what is the process of writing a expression as a product? is it Factoring, Quadractic equation, perfect Square trinomial or difference of two squares

How do you write q2 and verbal expression?

Write an algebraic expression for the verbal expression. q squared minus 2 times q

What is five x square plus 9 divided by x-6?


The number or expression inside a radical symbol?

The term radicand means the number or expression inside the radical symbol. For example, when we have the square root of 2, the 2 is inside the radical symbol. It is the radicand. The radicand may be a number or an algebraic expression. Also, there is not limit to the number of terms the radicand may contain. It may even be infinite!