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x to the third power plus 7

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Q: What is the algebraic expression for seven more than the cube of a number?
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Related questions

What is the algebraic expression for the cube of a number and five?

(x + 5)3

How to write an algebraic expression for the cube of a number increased by 4 times the same number?

x3 + 4x

What is the algebraic expression for one-half the cube of n?


How do you write algebraic expression for one third of the cube of a number?

1/3X^3 or X^3/3

What is the algebric expression for seven more than the cube of a number?

x3+7 Hope that helps :)

What is the algebraic expression for the cube of a plus b?

It could be a^3 + b or (a + b)^3, depending on the context.

Why is a number cube called a seven cube?

It is called a seven cube because each pair of opposite faces adds to seven.

What does transcendental mean in mathematics?

An algebraic number is one which is a root of a polynomial equation with rational coefficients. All rational numbers are algebraic numbers. Irrational numbers such as square roots, cube roots, surds etc are algebraic but there are others that are not. A transcendental number is such a number: an irrational number that is not an algebraic number. pi and e (the base of the exponential function) are both transcendental.

How would you write an algebraic expression for the one half the cube of n?

Yall are stupid. I asked this bc i didnt know the answer then u dont know the answer so u ask me

What is the probability of rolling a 7 with one roll of a standard number cube?

The probability of rolling a seven with one roll of a standard number cube is zero.

Why are there only words used for the numbers 2 and 3 squared and cubed?

If you take the "square" of a number, it is like drawing a square with that number as a distance. When you "cube" a number, it is like taking that distance and drawing first a square, and then a vertical square above it; a cube. We do not have any words in English to describe 4- or 5-dimensional surfaces, so there is no special word to describe those power functions. The number 4^4 is described as "four to the fourth power". also to describe the expression of the algebraic equation.

Cube root of 7 is a surd but is cube root of negative seven a surd?

I am pretty sure that the cube root of negative seven is a surd. I checked on the calculator.......and it showed a negative number.....??I think when it is not a's supposed to say error, so the number probably means that it is a surd..

What is twice the cube of a number?


What is the cube expression of 4x?


What is the cube root of 40 with a 3 in the top?

The cube root of the expression 403 is 40 itself. This follows from the definition of cubes and cube roots.

What is radical expression?

an alg expression involving square roots, cube roots, etc

Which expression is a cube root of -1 + i sqrt 3?


What is the volume of a cube with seven feet?

The volume of a cube with seven feet is 7x7x7 or 343 cubic feet.

Suppose you roll a red number cube and a blue number cube How manu different rolls will have a sum of seven?

Six. Red1 + Blue6, R2+B5, R3+B4, R4+B3, R5+B2 and R6+B1,

Is 44 a cube number?

No.The cube of 3 is 27 and the cube of 4 is 64 so 44 isn't a cube number.

What number is not a cubic number?

any number that doesn't have a cube root eg (33) 27 is a cubic number cube root is 3

What is a number that is a cube of a whole number?

It is called a perfect cube.

What is the fourth cube number?

The fourth positive cube number is 4x4x4 which equals the number 64.

Is 42 a cube number?

42 is not a cube number.

A number whose cube root is a whole number what is the answer?

a perfect cube

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