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It is: 5k-60

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Q: What is the algebraic expression for sixty less than the product of 5 and a number k?
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Is sixty four a prime number?

No, sixty four (64) is a composite number (not a prime number) because it can be written as a product of numbers, specifically 8*8 (or 2^6).

What is the larger number if two negative consecutive odd integers has a product of sixty-three?


What is the algebraic equation for Eighty-seven decreased by three times a number is greater than one hundred sixty-five?

let x=the number 87-3*(x)>165

What prime number between sixty and eighty is one more than the product of two factors that are consecutive numbers?


What is the product of four hundredsixteen and sixty?


How do you put 60 in word form?

The number 60 is written as sixty. Any number between 61 to 69, you add a hyphen after sixty then the word for the number.The class has sixty students.The new girl made sixty-one pupils in the class.

What is a synonym for sixty?

There are no synonyms for the word sixty since it is a number. This word specifies a specific number of something.

How do you write sixty thousand dollars in number form?

Sixty thousand dollars in number form is $60,000

What number squared equals sixty plus sixty one?


What is the number of sixty three hundred?

sixty three hundered = 6300

What is the number and word notation for sixty-4?

64 / sixty-four

What do you call a number that has sixty zeros?

no number

How do you write the number sixty eight ones?


What is the expression three and sixty-three ten thousands as a decimal?

Three and sixty-three ten thousands can be written as 3.0063, 3 63/10000, or 30063/10000.

What is WILL number?

sixty nine

What is sixty nine and seven tenths as a mixed number?

Sixty nine and seven tenths as a mixed number = 697/10

What number is 665566567?

Six hundred sixty-five million, five hundred sixty-six thousand, five hundred sixty-seven.

How do you spell the number 69 in English?

Sixty Nine

What number is this 60000000?

Sixty million.

How you convert minutes into hours?

There are sixty minutes in an hour. So divide your number of minutes by sixty.

What number is halfway between thirty and sixty?

fourty five is halfway between thirty and sixty.

What two numbers have the product of sixty?


What is the product of four hundred sixteen and sixty.?

416 multiplied by 60 is 24,960.

How do you spell 60 and 68?

Wow. I'm a spelling bee champ. This is easy. 60 = sixty. any number between sixty and seventy (70) will include sixty and the number's word right next to it. 68 = sixty-eight. your welcome. 8th grader

What is the product of 9872365 and 1000?

The product of a number is the number obtained when two numbers are multiplied together. 9,872,365 x 1,000 = 9,872,365,000 or Nine billion, eight hundred seventy-two million, three hundred sixty-five thousand.

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