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Q: What is the algebraic expression of square of a quotient of a number and seven?
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How do you write an algebraic expression four times the sum of a number and its square?


How do you convert algebraic expression into qbasic expression?

how can we convert algebraic expression into QBASIC a square + b square i = pTR/100 2xy mx+c a=r square a+b

What is the algebraic expression for seven less than the product of nine and the square of a number b?


What is the square root of Scotland?

A square root is a mathematical function whose argument must be a number - or an expression that can be evaluated so as to give a number. Since Scotland is neither a number nor an algebraic expression, the question makes no sense.

What is the algebraic expression for the sum of three times a number and -2 is the same as sixteen?

One more than the square of x

What is the square root of Paris?

Paris is not a numerical value of algebraic expression and so does not have a square root.

The quotient when the square root of a number n is divided by two?

The quotient when the square root of a number n is divided by two?

How do you write q2 and verbal expression?

Write an algebraic expression for the verbal expression. q squared minus 2 times q

What is five x square plus 9 divided by x-6?


The number or expression inside a radical symbol?

The term radicand means the number or expression inside the radical symbol. For example, when we have the square root of 2, the 2 is inside the radical symbol. It is the radicand. The radicand may be a number or an algebraic expression. Also, there is not limit to the number of terms the radicand may contain. It may even be infinite!

What family of real numbers does the square root of 6 belong to?

The square root of 6 is an irrational number. It is also an algebraic number, a quadratic surd, an algebraic integer, a constructible number, and a computable number.

How do you translate twelve more than one-half of the square of the input into an algebraic expression?

0.5*x2 + 12