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n = number.

(3/7)n + 12


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Q: What is the algebraic expression of twelve more than three-sevenths of a number?
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What is twice a number less twelve?

As an algebraic expression this is written 2x - 12, where x is the unknown number.

How would you write an algebraic expression for three fourths a number less than twelve?


How do you translate twelve more than one-half of the square of the input into an algebraic expression?

0.5*x2 + 12

What is the expression for the product of a number and twelve?

n * 12

What is twelve more than a number as an expression?


How do you write twelve more than the product of 5 and a number x as an expression?

As an expression it is: 5x+12

How do you write the expression twelve more than the quotient of sixteen and a number?


The product of three and a number decreased by twelve results in four?

write an expression for the phrase the proudut of there and a number decreased by twelve list the key words and wich opration they indicate.

What is Twelve more than the product of a number and four is fewer than 60 in an algebraic inequality?

4x + 12 < 60

What is twelve times the sum of a number and five times the number in algebraic expressions?

The question is ambiguous and the two possible answers are: Twelve times (a number and 5 times the number) = 12*(n + 5n) = 12*6n = 72n Twelve times a number amd five times the number = 12*n + 5*n = 17*n

What is number twelve?

12, twelve, it's a number!

How do you spell the number twelve?

The number 12 is "twelve" and the number 12th is "twelfth."

What is the word expression for 12 - 3x?


Spelling number 12?

twelve twelve

How do you spell twelve?

Twelve is the correct spelling of the number 12.twelve

What is twelve over twelve as a mixed number?

Twelve over twelve as a mixed number can't appear as a mixed number like one and three fourths, so twelve over twelve equals a whole, or AKA, 1. There's your answer.

How do you spell the number 12 in English?

The number 12 is spelled twelve.

What is the closest whole number to twelve and five twelves?


Spanish translation of the number twelve?

Twelve in Spanish is doce

What number is twelve less than twenty four?


What is the Number form twelve thousands?

12,000 = twelve thousands

What are the number digits for twelve and four-tenths?

The number digits for twelve and four-tenths = 12.4

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The Number Twelve Looks Like You ended in 2010.

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