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Q: What is the algebraic expression twice a number z?
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What is 359 more than z written in a algebraic expression?

what us the algebraic expression for 359 more than Z

What is the algebraic expression for z times 19?

The normal way to write z times 19 in an algebraic expression is 19z.

What does z equal in -29z-13?

In the algebraic expression above z is an unknown variable.

A number q tripled plus z doubled in algebraic expression?

3q + 2z, although it could be 2*(3q+z)

Find an algebraic expression for the quotient of 3 and sum of z and 5?

3/z + 5

What is an algebraic expression for this word expression 12 decreased by z?

"decreased by" means "minus" 12 decreased by z means 12 - z It really is that simple.

What is the algebraic expression for 8 less then the product of z and 19?


What is the translate in algebraic expression of 7 percent of z?

x = 7z/100

What is the word phrase for this algebraic expression z-23?

Twenty three fewer than a variable represented by z.

What is 359 more than z in an algebraic expression?

359 more than z is z plus 359 which is: z + 359

Which expression represents the algebraic phrase the sum of negative three-eighths and four times x minus nine times z?

It could be: -3/8+4x-9z as an algebraic expression

13x - (3x6)z?

The question consists of an algebraic expression. There is no equation nor inequality which may be solved.

What is the algebaic expression for 84 divided by number z?


What equation has the same solution as z - 9 3?

If you mean z-9=3, then z=12. That means you can make any algebraic expression that makes sense. e.g. z+1=13.

How do you write twice a number z?


What is the definition of literal coefficient?

A literal cofficient is any variable in an algebraic expression. For example, in "21xyz", x, y, and z are literal coefficients.In math, a coefficient refers to a numerical or constant quantity placed before and multiplying the variable in an algebraic expression.

Meaning of the word factor in maths?

A number x is said to be a factor of another number y if x divides into y without remainder. More technically, there must exist a number z such that x*z = y. Factors need not be numbers, they can be algebraic expressions. For example, (p+1) is a factor of (p2 - 2p - 3) - - - which is (p+1)(p-3)

How would you represent using z as the variable represent five less than twice a number?

If the number is 'z', then five less than twice the number is ( 2z - 5 ).

How do you find the value of a algebraic expression?

substitute the values of the variable inside the algebraic expression.for example:find the value of x when y = -4, z= 2, a=3, z= 00.5x + y -z (a+b)= 80.5x -az -bz +y = 80.5x -4=80.5x= 4x= 4/0.5= 8

The quotient of 8 and twice a number z?


What is Z more than twice and number w?


How would you write the product of a number z and 4 as a variable expression?


What patterns involved in multiplying algebraic expression?

m(a + b) = ma + mb distributive property (a + b)(c + d) = a(c + d) + b(c + d) The use distributive prop. twice. (c + d)(x + y + z) = c(x + y + z) + d(x + y + z) Still use dist. prop. etc. These work for subtraction as well.

Write a variable expression for this amount... 3 times the sum of a number z and 15?


What is z increased by 12 as a expression?

z + 12