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Q: What is the allowable propagation delay for a 100 meter Category 5 cable at 10 MHz?
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What is another name for propagation delay?

Another name for propagation delay is latency.

What best defines propagation delay?

Propagation delay is the time it takes for electronic devices to switch from one logic state to another.

What are the 4 main types of delays occured in packet switching?

Processing delay Queuing delay Transmission delay Propagation delay

Which has a shorter propagation delay TTL or CMOS?


What is value of propagation delay of TTL logic?

it is in micro seconds

What is the condition for minimum size of the token ring?

propagation delay in the ring/transmission delay of the packet<1

What are the characteristics of Diode transistor logic?

relatively large propagation delay.

Audio cable can send all frequencies without delay?

The audio cable has nothing to do with DELAY. If you have delay, it is caused by something else.

Explain how propagation delay affects the speed of modern PCs?

A: I wouldn't call propagation delay that applies to other media. for a PC delay are parasitic in nature mostly layout. But the real and actual delay is inherited from the I/O which is the soul of PC speed. No matter how fast a PC is internally it must service those interrupts and that is really the delay actually

What is the time for the TV signal to come from the TV mast to your TV set?

The signal will move down the cable at from about 1/3 the speed of light to about 9/10 the speed of light, depending on the type of cable used. If there is a booster amplifier in the cable between the antenna and the TV set this will add more delay. You will need to know the length and types of cable used (and look up their signal propagation speed) as well as the delay of your booster amplifier if your system has one to calculate the answer to your question.

How can Propagation delay be avoided in a parallel adder?

The parallel adder which we use in the digital circuits ,the carry output of each full adder stage is connected to the carry input of the next higher order stage.therefore,the sum and carry outputs of any stage cannot be produced until the input carry occurs; This leads to a time delay in the addition process.This delay is known as carry propagation delay. to the second question the propagation delay can be avoided in the binary parallel adder with the help of look ahead carry generator .............................................................................................................................

What is propagation delay in flip flops?

Propagation Delay In digital logic, every gate has got some finite amount of delay because of which the change in the output is not instantaneous to the change in the input. In simple terms, the times it takes for an input to appear at the output is called the propagation delay. In Figure 6, tPHL, describes the time it takes for an input to cause the output to change from logic-level-high to logic-level-low. Similarly, tPLH, refers to the delay associated when an input change causes the output to change from logic-level-low to logic-level-high. The overall delay is average of these two delays.