What is the alphabet in Africa?

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Africa is made of of countries that use thousands of languages. Most languages in Africa use either the Latin alphabet or the Arabic alphabet.

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Q: What is the alphabet in Africa?
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What country has the least amount letters in its alphabet?

Chad, in Africa.

Who brought Arabic as the written language to africa?

The Arabs brought their alphabet with them when they conquered North Africa from the 640s-680s CE.

A-z animals in Africa?

Im guessing that you want animals with every letter of the alphabet from africa. If so...AAardvarkAnteaterArmadilloBBuffaloBadgerCCheetahCoelecanthCatDDog (wild)DolphinEElephantElandFFlamingoGGiraffeGenetGemsbokHHippopotamosHyenaIImpalaJJackalKKuduLLionLeopardMMeerkatNNyalaOOstrichOctopusPPorcupinePetrelsQQuaggaRRinocerusSSableSealTTortoiseUUsambara HyliotaVVultureWWildebeestWeaverWhaleXXantusiidaeYYellow MongooseZZebra

What was the importance of Islam in ancient africa?

Everywhere Islam spread in North And West Africa, It brought a wide mix of cultures, an alphabet, and overall knowledge and civilization.

For what two things are the Phoenicians known?

The Phoenicians are known for sailing over the tip of Africa and their unusual alphabet.

What alphabet was the model for our alphabet?

We use the Latin alphabet, which was based on the Greek Alphabet, which was inspired by the Hebrew Alphabet.

What alphabet was the basis of the greek alphabet?

The Phoenician alphabet was the inspiration for the Greek alphabet.

What has the author Jean Carey Bond written?

Jean Carey Bond has written: 'A is for Africa' -- subject(s): Alphabet, Juvenile literature

What alphabet did the greek alphabet come from?

The Phoenician Alphabet

Which alphabet is the Cyrillic alphabet derived from?

The Cyrillic alphabet is derived from the Greek alphabet, with the addition of several characters from the Hebrew alphabet.

Is the Romanian Alphabet the same as the Roman alphabet?

There is no Roman alphabet. It's called the Latin alphabet, and yes, the Romanian alphabet is a variety of the Latin alphabet, just as English is.

Which alphabet formed the basis for the English alphabet?

The Latin Alphabet formed the basis for the English alphabet.

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