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Q: What is the american expression for flat?
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What is the American expression for school leaver?


American armed conflict in which troops wore flat caps called kepis?

It was the American Civil War where American troops wore flat caps called kepis.

What is flat affect?

Flat affect is a reduction or absence of emotional expression in one's face, voice, or body language. It can be a symptom of various mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia or depression, and can make it challenging for others to understand or connect with the individual displaying it. Treatment may involve therapy, medication, and social support.

What is labile effect?

Your affect is your expression. A labile affect is a normal, emotional expression on your face. Some mental disorders, like schizophrenia, cause you to have a mask-like expression. This is called a flat affect, and is one of the tell-tale symptoms of the disorder.

Why do African American people have flat feet?

It is a myth that all African-Americans have flat feet.

What is the most widely used American expression in the world?


What war was a clear expression of manifest destiny?

the mexican-american war

What are the two important components of American jazz?

Rhythm and free expression.

What is the American expression that means being pushed over the edge?


What is PEN American Center's motto?

PEN American Center's motto is 'Protecting Free Expression and Celebrating Literature'.

How do you say like in ASL?

To sign "like" in American Sign Language (ASL), you can use your dominant hand to make a flat handshape and move it in a circular motion in front of your chest. This sign is often accompanied by a positive facial expression to convey a sense of approval or admiration.

What does flat in british mean in American?

It means to have a appointment book