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It's usually ten percent; twenty-five hundred dollars.

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Q: What is the amount needed on a 25 thousand dollar bond?
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How much is a one thousand dollar savings bond worth that was bought in 1992?

It is worth about 1,504.82. You need to check your individual bond number with the government to get an exact amount.

What is the amount of money needed to retire a 11.3S2015 bond early?

A 11.3S2015 bond is not a known or public bond type.

What are fidelity bond limits?

A "fidelity bond limit" is the actual dollar amount of insurance protection provided by the fidelity bond/insurance contract. E.g., a $100,000 fidelity bond will pay up to $100,000 in covered loss that exceeds the applicable deductible on the bond, if any. A "fidelity bond limit" is the actual dollar amount of insurance protection provided by the fidelity bond/insurance contract. E.g., a $100,000 fidelity bond will pay up to $100,000 in covered loss that exceeds the applicable deductible on the bond, if any.

If a person has a bail amount of 30 thousand dollars and a bond is 10 percent which is 3 thousand dollars how much does the person paying the bond get back if the acussed is found not guilty?

The person paying the bond does not get anything back. The purpose of paying a bond is so you don't have to come up with the full amount of the bail. The 10% that you pay a bondsman it what he earns for guarnteeing you will appear in court. If you don't appear then the bondsman loses the full amount of the bail.

What is the difference between the judge giving a surety bond or cash surety?

A surety bond can be supplied by a bailbondsman who only puts up a percentage of the amount of money needed, but is liable for the whole amount if the defendant absconds. Cash surety is the ENTIRE amount of the bond must be posted, not just a percentage of it, as in the previous example.

How do you obtain commercial auto insurance if you are trying to start a rental car company with one car?

You would need to obtain a surety bond. The amount of cash or security needed would depend upon the amount of the bond.

What is the amount printed on a bond is called?

Amount printed on the face of bond is called "Face value of bond".

What is the energy needed to break a bond between two atoms?

The energy needed to break a bond between two atoms is the called the bond energy. The SI units for bond energy are kJ/mol.

Why is the H-H bond stable?

No open bonds because hydrogen can only have 1 bond because of it only having 1 valence electron ----------------------------------------------------------------------- While foming such a bond a lot of heat energy is given out. Now to break the bond same amount of energy is needed. Hence the bond becomes so stable.

What is a principal of a bond?

The principal of a bond is the amount of a bond that interest rates are paid on by the person issuing it. I like to think of it as the initial amount the bond is worth. Example: Hudson Corporation issued a $10,000 bond at 14% interest. The $10,000 is the principal of the bond.

How does your LLC establish credit without having to personally guarantee every deal?

By obtaining a security bond for the amount needed to cover any transactions.

How many potassium ions are needed to bond with phosphate ions?

Three Potassium Ions are needed to Bond with one Phosphate Ion.

What is the term for the amount of attraction of an atom for electrons in a bond?

A covalent bond.

What is name given to energy needed to break a single bond?

Bond energy.

Is bond enthalpy and energy needed for bond formation is same for all the compounds?


How much do you have to pay for a 50000 dollar bond?


How do you get an order to reduce a bail bond?

The amount of a bail bond and conditions of pretrial release are set by the court. If an incarcerated defendant wishes to have the the bail bond amount reduced, the court should be petitioned for a hearing where evidence pertaining to what would be an appropriate amount can be introduced and considered by the court. The court may then reduce the amount of the bail bond.

What is bond energy?

A energy bond is needed when bonds are broken released when bonds are formed .

What is a Bond sink date?

A bond sink date will have a corresponding amount. This is the amount of the bond issue that will be paid down by the issuer on that date. The bonds that will be "sunk" (refunded) are usually chosen randomly.

How do you pay a dollar bail or dollar bond in a new york city jail?

You can go downtown Brooklyn to the Brooklyn house an there you can do the dollar bail

How would you determine how much of a surety bond is needed?

As a principal at -- one of the nation's leading surety bond producers -- this is a question that I answer frequently. Because you posted in the Cars & Vehicles category, I assume that you need an auto dealer/motor vehicle dealer surety bond for your state. The best way to find out the required amount of your surety bond is to contact your state's government agency that handles licensing and registration for your industry. For example, if you're an auto dealer in Arizona, you'll contact the Arizona Department of Transportation. No matter what type of surety bond you need and what state you'll practice business in, inquiring with the government agency about the required bond amount is always a great place to start. Often, these government agencies will have this information on their websites. Once you know your required bond amount, you can contact a reputable surety bond producer -- such as -- to purchase your bond. The amount you pay for your bond will depend on your credit score, the type of bond you need, the state for which you need the bond and a few other factors.

The average bond enthalpy for a double bond is 614 and that of a single bond is 348 Estimate the energy needed to break only the bond of the double bond of 2-butene?


Is the person who hires a bail bondsman responsible for the whole bail amount if the defendant fails their obligation?

When a Bail Bond Company writes a bond, they are responsible for the bond amount if the defendant fails to appear. The indemnitor (person who gives collateral for the bond) is responsible to the extent that they will lose whatever they gave the bondsman for collateral if the bond is forfeited. That is why bond agencies try to find the defendant and bring him to jail before the bond forfeiture hearing, so they do not have to pay the courts the amount of the bond. Bond companies pay the courts in CASH regardless of what type of collateral was used for the bond.

How are bond energy and bond strength related?

Bond energy is a defined quantity, the amount of energy to convert 1 mole of compound into its constituent atoms, bond strength is not a strictly defined entity, it is sometimes used as a synonym for bond energy. Spectroscopists talk of bond strength and relate this to the resonant frequency of functional groups in say the IR/Raman spectra.Bond energy is the energy that is needed to break down one mole. Bond strength is the degree that is in a atom.

What is value of 50 dollar savings bond that was purchased in 1992?

The savings bond is worth $72.00 as of July 2013.