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The amount of current flowing through a conductor is governed by the amperage of the connected load. This is why there are different sizes of conductors. Each conductor size is only allowed a specific amount of amperage to flow through it. If the amperage load is higher that what the conductor is rated for then the next larger size conductor has to be used. The limiting of the amperage to specific size conductors keeps the conductor from heating beyond the conductors specifications, under full amperage conditions.

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Q: What is the amount of current flow through a wire?
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How do you measure electrical current flow in a copper wire?

Electrical current flow in a copper wire is measured with an ammeter. It is either clamped onto the wire or attached at one end to monitor the amount of current moving through the wire.

How does a current flow through a wire?

according to kcl the current flows through a wire

Is there actually current flowing through the return wire?

Yes, there is a current flow through he return wire in a closed circuit. The only time there is no current flow through the return wire is when the circuit is open.

Moving a wire through a magnetic field does not create a current flow in a wire?

Not true - Moving a wire through a magnetic field doescreate a current flow in a wire.false

What effect would thinner wire have in a circuit?

The smaller the wire size used in a circuit limits the amount of current that is allow to be flow through that circuit.

Current needs to flow through a connector such as?


Flow of electricity through a wire is called?

It is called electrical current.

What does electric current will flow through the earth wire mean?

Insulation failure in an electrical equipment will cause some amount of current, depending upon the severity of fault flows through the metallic body and then through the earth wire which is connected to the body.

What is a flow of electrons moving along a wire or conductor?

An electric current. <<>> The term used for the flow of electrons through a conductor is amperage.

How is current generated using electromagnetism?

A coil of wire with current passing through it has a coil of wire spinning inside it. That is how an alternator works. As a wire cuts through a magnetic field it causes current to flow in the wire. Faraday.

Flow of electrons at a given point through wire per second?


What is the condition that is necessary for a charge to move in a wire?

A device to get a current flow through a wire (i.e. from a battery) and no breaks in the wire.