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Q: What is the amperage rating of 800 MCM Copper wire?
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What is the amperage rating of 795 MCM aluminum wire?

795 MCM is not a standard size wire. The following is not a free air rating but is for, not more that 3 aluminum conductors in a raceway. 750 MCM AL 90 degree C wire is rated at 405 amps. 800 MCM AL 90 degree C wire is rated at 415 amps

How loud is a Storm Cat 800 watt generator?

A Storm Cat 800 watt generator has a decimal rating of between 190 to 265 decibels depending on load and amperage. This is enough noise pollution to cause hearing damage after twenty minutes of exposure.

What size ground wire for 800 amp service?

For service conductor not exceeding 800 amps, the required copper grounding conductor is 1/0 AWG.

When was copper invented?

Copper was found around 800 to 1600

How many amps equals 800 watts?

Depends upon the voltage. At 110 volts, 800 watts = 7.27 amps. At 115 volts, 800 watts = 6.96 amps. At 120 volts, 800 watts = 6.67 amps. At 220 volts, 800 watts = 3.64 amps. Just divide the wattage by the voltage to determine the amperage. (You can also divide the wattage by the amperage to determine the voltage!)

What wire size for 15000 Volts and 550 amp service?

There are two distinct questions here. To determine the wire size to carry 15000 volts the circuits load amperage must be stated. The wire size for a 550 amp service is, an 800 MCM copper conductor with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C. This conductor is rated at 555 amps. Parallel 250 MCM will give you a total capacity of 580 amps. A triple run of 2/0 will give you a total capacity of 585 amps.

What is Rea Magnet Wire's population?

The population of Rea Magnet Wire is 800.

What size ground wire should you use on a 1200 amp service?

Over 800 amp service requires 00 bare copper wire. There is a code change coming for service grounding conductors in the next electrical code book edition.

What state would copper be at 800 degrees?

It would be solid... Copper's melting point is as high as 1,084 C

What is a superior credit rating?

Varies by lender, but 800+ is definitely good.

Is 800 a good credit rating?

Very good. Nearly perfect.

When a piece of copper and another of germanium are cooled from room temperature to 800 K then the resistance of?

Copper decreases and germanium increases

What are the two speeds of RIMMs?

MHz and PC rating - 1600MHZ and 800 MHZ

What is the CC rating of a 2006 suzuki boulevard c50?

800-805 cc

What can a 800 watt generator power?

You can power any amount of devices that total to a sum of 800 watts. If you can not find the wattage on the devices nameplates then use the amperage of the devices. I = W/E, Amps = Watts/Volts. 800/120 = 6.6 amps. A total of 6.6 amps can be used from a 800 watt generator.

What size ungrounded conductor for 800 amp service?

A 3/0 copper conductor would allow you up to 100 feet at 800 Amps with only 5 percent voltage drop, assuming 240-volt service. If it were a 3-phase 480-volt service, you could go more than 23 feet with only a 5 percent drop. <<>> The size of conductors for an 800 amp service could be sized in several ways. Using a single conductor is out of the question as the size will be impossible to bend or handle. A 2000MCM wire only has a rating of 775 amps. Most high amperage services will use parallel runs to add up to the required amperage. A parallel run of 600 MCM will give you a total of 910 amps. A triple parallel run of 300 MCM will give you a total of 885 amps. A quad parallel run of 3/0 will give you an amperage of 840 amps. The key here is to find the most economical way of installing the service. Take into account the availability of triple barrel or four barrel lugs, wire costs for the larger sizes and the labour to man handle the larger sizes into the main switch. These size services that I have installed, the customer opted for the four barrel lugs with 3/0 wire. The 3/0 wire is a readily available item even though the lugs may have to be a special order.

Can a 800 watt generator run a 120 volt air compressor?

The formula to use is W = A x V. To see if an 800 watt generator will run the air compressor the amperage of the compressor must be stated.

How many pins does a fire wire 800 port have?


How many times faster is a Fire Wire 800 port than a Fire Wire 400 port?

Twice as fast.

What size wire is needed for 800 amp service?

Loaded question, what is the voltage, run length, aluminum or copper feeders, expected constant load? Definitely bigger than 4/0

What can you power with a 800 watt generator?

A few small things. Watts = Amps x Volts. Amps = 800/120 = 6.66 amps. Check the amperage on what you want to plug into the generator. If it is over 6 amps the generator will not handle the load.

Is it rare to find a copper quarter?

Have a 2008 Hawaii State quarter that is solid copper. Are they rare? Where would one sell one?

What is the Temperature for annealing C145 copper?

The annealing temperature for this alloy is between 800 and 1200 F.

Full load copper loss of a 100 KVA transformer is 800W Its copper loss at 75 percent load will be?

100 is to 800 as 75 is to X. Cross multiply, 100 x X and 800 x 75, 100X = 60000. To get rid of the 100 divide it into both sides of the equation. X = 600. If the copper loss is linear, at 75 percent the copper loss will be 600 watts.

When a piece of copper and another of germanium are cooled from room temperature to 800 K then the resistance?

Each of them increases