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If you are asking how to say "the anatomy of the 3 letter root", it's ha anatomia shel ha shoresh ha dikduki" (האנטומיה של השורש הדיקדוקי).

If you are asking something else, you'll need to clarify your question.

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Q: What is the anatomy of the 3 letter root in Hebrew?
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What is the Hebrew root word of the word manifestations?

Hebrew doesn't have root words, but it has a system of root consonants. Most words have either a 3-consonant root or a 4-consonant root, called a shoresh. The Hebrew word for manifestations is הפגנות (hafganot) and the shoresh is פ.ג.נ

What does the phrase 'root word' mean in relation to the Hebrew language?

Most every Hebrew word has a root, which is set of 3 consonants. (Some roots have 4, and a few foreign roots have 5.)The root is the building block of the Hebrew language. It is the same in Arabic.

What does the Hebrew word kharam mean?

That's Arabic, not Hebrew, though it does have a Hebrew cognate (cherem; and in one rare instance, charoum). In the Hebrew Bible, the 3-letter root is never vowelized as charam (kharam).In Arabic, it means something that is forbidden.

What root means Holy in Hebrew?

All semitic languages, including Hebrew, are based on the concept of a root (shoresh, שורש) which is a set of 3 consonants that contain the general meaning of the word. Some roots have 2 consonants and some have 4.

Which Hebrew letter has the numerical value of 3?

Gimel (ג)

How many Hebrew 3 letter monograms are there?

There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. If you assume that any 3 letters could be a monogram, the answer is 10,648.

Is a 2 rooted Hebrew word pronounced as a 3 syllable name?

There is no such thing as a 2 rooted Hebrew word. Every Hebrew word has only 1 root, unless it's a modern neologism.

What three letters are used in obamas name that means antichrist in Hebrew and where can i find that?

There aren't 3 letters that mean antichrist, mainly because there is no Hebrew word for antichrist. In fact, the 3 root letters in Obama's name in Hebrew means "blessed".

How many Hebrew language linguistic roots are there?

It depends on what you mean by a Hebrew language linguistic root. If you mean how many languages descended from Hebrew, the answer is 1: Modern Hebrew. If you mean how many 3- and 4-consonant roots are contained within Hebrew, the answer is approximately 10,600.

What is the 3-letter root word meaning new or recent?

the answer is pre

3 letter root word that means new or recent?

How about the word "Neo"

What are 3 words that begin with the letter y relating to Egypt?

1 is Yisrael Israel in Hebrew.