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210 degrees

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Q: What is the angle between the clock hands at 7 pm?
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What is the angle of the clock in 22215 pm if its hour hand is 5cm and minute hand is 4cm?

22215 pm is not a correct time, what time do you mean? The angle between the hands, if that is what you mean by 'the angle of the clock', does not depend on the length of the hands, so why have you given them? Please make the question clear and resubmit.

At four pm what is the measure of the central angle of the hands on analog clock?


How many degrees between the two hands of clock at 3 PM?

90 degrees

What is the number of degrees in the measure of the obtuse angle formed by the hands of a standard clock at 3 36 pm?

324 degrees

How to Solve The acute angle between the hour hand and minute hand of a clock at 4 PM. Ans given 1200.?


Which hour do clock hands not meet?

11 AM and PM. When hands finally meet, it's 12:00.

What four times a day a clock is at a right angle?

3:00 am, 3:00 pm, 9:00 am, 9:00 pm

What is the angle between the 2 hands of a clock when the time is 6 o clock?

180 degrees. The hands are a straight line. Or, to be technical, you divide the clock face (360 degrees) by the number of minutes there are in half a day (clocks only record half a day: AM or PM), which is 360/12*60, so each minute is half a degree. There are 360 minutes between the twelve and the six on a clock. Half of 360 is 180. This only works for times ON THE HOUR, otherwise, the hour hand moves for every minute of time passing.

What angle is the clock making when is hits 5 o clock?

This is going to be a difficult problem with a digital clock. It's not so bad with an old-fashioned clock, one with actual hands. Since you did not specify AM or PM, we'll assume that you have a 12-hour clock, not a military clock. The angle is (5/12) of a full circle = (5/12) x (360 degrees) = 150 degrees That's on the right side. On the left side, it's 210 degrees.

What is the bond angle for S02?

143,1 pm between S and O; 119 pm in the plane.

Is 12'o clock in midday pm or am?

12'o clock in midday is pm

You go to sleep at 6 pm and you set your alarm for 7amhow many hours of sleep do you have?

With an older alarm clock ... one with hands on the front and a wind-up key in the back ... you get one (1) hour of sleep, because the clock doesn't know the difference between AM and PM. With a more modern LED digital clock, you get thirteen (13) hours; the display has that little dot on the side, so you can tell the difference between AM and PM when you're setting the time or the alarm.

What time is 1600 hours?

Four o`clock pm. Four o`clock pm.

5.35 pm in 24 hr clock?

Times denoted with pm occur between 12 noon and midnight. 5.35pm is thus 5.35 + 12 = 17.35 using the 24hr clock.

Is 1205 am or pm?

On a 24 hour clock, it's pm. On a twelve hour clock, it could be either.

At 1 pm what degrees did the angle on the clock form?

On an analog clock it would be 30 degrees. Each hour is going to be 30 degrees. So at 2 it would be 60 degrees.

How do you know when its am or pm on your clock?

If the clock is digital then it will say am or pm. Otherwise you can figure it out by looking outside and seeing whether it is morning AM or afternoon PM.

Method of finding the acute angle between the hour hand and minute hand of a clock at 4 PM?

Each minute on the clock is 1/60 of the 360 degree circle or 6 degrees. There are 20 minute lines between 12 and 4 therefore, 20 times 6 is 120 degrees.

How many times 90 degree angle formed by hand watch between 4 pm to 10 pm?

11 times.

What is the angle between hour hand and minute hand at 4 pm?

20 degrees

Why does the clock say AM and PM?

So you will know if it is morning (AM) or evening (PM).

What are degree measures of angles?

The measure of an angle is in degrees based on 360 degrees for a full circle. So if the fingers of a clock showed 3 pm. the angle formed by the two fingers are 90 degrees.

What is PM on a 24 hour clock?


How does 132 pm look on the clock?

Show me how 132 p.m. look on the clock

How do you reset the clock in a 2000 Hyundai Accent?

Reset time on the clock is 1 PM. Just disconnect and reconnect the batttery at 1 PM.

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