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180 degrees, if you mean a half circle

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Q: What is the angle measure or degree for one half?
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The degree measure of one half right angle turn?

45 degrees

What is the degree measure of one half of right angle turn?

A right angle is 90 degrees, so 45 degrees is half a right angle turn.

Two angles form a linear pair the measure of the smaller angle is one half the measure of the larger angle find the degree measure of the larger angle?

i want the answer of this question can someone help me

One half of a right angle turn?

One half of a right angle is a 45 degree angle.

What is measure degree of one and a half times a right angle?

It is 1.5 times 90 = 135 degrees

What is the degree measure of one interior angle?


What is the degree measure of one-fourth of a right-angle turn?

Its really just half of half of 90deg. half of 90 is 45 and half of 45 is 22.5. therefore the answer being 22.5deg

How many unique triangles can be made when one angle measures 90 and another angle is half that measure?

It will be in the form of an isosceles right angle triangle when it has a 90 and two 45 degree angles

What is one degree measure for one right angle turn?

90 degrees

Whay does a 45 degree angle look like?

A 45-degree angle looks like half of a 90-degree angle. It looks exactly like one straight line with one horizontal line of the bottom, similar to half a square.

What is the degree measure for one fourth of a right angle turn?


Which is the measure of one interior angle of a regular triangle?

45 degree

What is the degree measure of One ninth of a right angle?

10 degrees

What does the picture of a one and one half right angle look like?

It would be a 135 degree angle!

How can you angle expressed in degree into millimeter?

Millimetres measure length, degrees measure angle, therefore you cannot change one into the other.

What is one half of a 45 degree angle?

22.5 degrees - or 22 degrees 30 minutes.

What degree measure is one ninth of a right angle turn?

10 degrees.

What does a right triangle angles measure?

They have one 90 degree angle and two 45 degree angles

How would you find the degree of an angle of a parrelogram if one angle is 55 degree?

The angle opposite the 55 degree angle will also be 55 degrees. The other two angles will each measure 180 - 55 = 125 degrees.

How many millimetres in one degree?

A millimetre is a measure of length. A degree is a measure of angle or temperature. Without further information, a meaningful answer to this question cannot be provided.

How many degrees would an acute angle measure if it were one-third the size of a right angle?

A right angle is 90 degrees so if it was 1/3 the measure of a 90 degree angle it would be 30 degrees.

What is the degree measure for one ninth of a right angle turn?

right angle is 90 degrees, one ninth of that is 90 divided by 9, which gives 10degrees

If the measure of one angle of triangle is 115 degrees the other two angles are congurent what is the measures of each angle?

32.5 degree each

How many degree are there in 1 longitude?

That's like asking "How many feet are there in one length ?" The "longitude" of a place is an angle. You can measure it and describe it in any angle units. "Degree" is one possibility of something to use.

How do you use a half-circle protractor to measure an angle?

Place the center point of the protractor at the vertex of the angle and one of the lines of the angle along the zero line of the protractor. The measure of the angle will then be where on the protractor's angular scale the other line of the angle lies.