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3c - 4d = 6d + 4c

Subtract 4c from both sides: -c - 4d = 6d

Add 4d to both sides: -c = 10d

or c = - 10d

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Q: What is the answer for 3c - 4d equals 6d plus 4c?
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What is the answer to the question 4c plus 4d equals?

Without further information, all we can do is simplify: 4c + 4d = 4(c + d)

How do you simplify 5c plus 7d-2c-3d?

Group 5c-2c and 7d-3d and it comes to 3c+4d

What is 4d plus 9e plus 10d plus 11e equals?

14d + 20e

What is 9d 3c-4d 5c?


What is the answer to 4d plus 7 equals -15?

4d + 7 = -15 so 4d = -22 so that d = -5.5

What does equivalent expression mean for 4c 4d?

4c4d is equivalent to 16cd.

What is 5 plus 3 equals 4d what number is d?

d = 2

What is 5 plus 3 equals 4d?

It is an equation and the value of d is 2

What is 3 plus 4d equals 39?

It is a linear equation in one unknown, d.

How do you do 4d-2 equals 6b-4?

4d-2 equals 6b-4

How do you solve 8-4d equals 12?

8 - 4d = 12-4d = 4d = -1

What is 3 (4d - 8) plus (7 - d ) divided by 5?


What apartment numbers did the heirs live in in the Westing Game?

Idk..... I know that Judge Fourd livs in 4D, and the Hoo's live in 4C. Sorry i wasen't much help.....

4d-11 equals 2d plus 7?

4(9)-11=25 2(9)+7=25 d=9

How do you do this D plus 3D equals 240?

D + 3D = 240 4D = 240 Divide both sides of the equation by 4: D = 60

What is 20d plus 4d2?

4d (d + 5)

5s plus 2 x 2d?

It is 5s + 4d.

1.6-d equals 12.8 plus 3d equals?

1.6-d=12.8+3d 12.8-1.6=-d-3d 11.2=-4d 11.2/-4=d d=-2.8

What is the answer to 16-7d equals -3d plus 2?

If 16 - 7d = -3 d + 2, collecting like terms with "d" on the left side yields -4d = -14, or d = 14/4 = 7/2.

What is 4d-5-9d plus 17?

It is an expression that can be simplified to: 12-5d

What is the answer for 10d-6 equals 4d-15-3d?

10d - 6 = 4d - 15 - 3d10d - 6 = d - 159d = -9d=-1

What notes are in drop c for guitar?

The notes are Regular 6E 5A 4D 3G 2B 1E Drop D 6C 5G 4C 3F 2A 1D ;-P

How many coefficients are in the expression 8c plus 12 - 4d - 4.4 - 3d plus c plus 9d?

Seven, though they can be reduced to 3 if like terms are combined.

What does this equal 4d-5-9d 17?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals" etc.

7d-13 equals 3d plus 7?

1. 7d-13=3d+72. 7d-20=3d3. -20=-4d4. d=55. Check your answer:7*5-13=22, 3*5+7=22D equals 5

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