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We can simplify this expression by combining the like terms. Here the likes terms are the z's and the x's.

2z + 3z + 5z = 10z. (If we have 2 of something and add three of the same thing and then 5 of the same thing we will end up with 10 of that thing).

Likewise we can combine the x's.

6x - 2x = 4x. (You could think of this as 6x + - 2x if this helps with the idea of "combining".)

Therefore we are able to simplify this expression as:

2z + 3z + 5z + 4 + 6x - 2x = 10z + 4 + 4x.

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Q: What is the answer for adding polynomials 2z plus 3z plus 5z plus 4 plus 6x-2x?
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