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26,6666666666 and so on


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Q: What is the answer for two thirds of forty?
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What is two thirds of forty three?


What is two thirds of forty thousand?


What is two thirds of forty five?


What is two thirds of a minute?

Forty seconds is two thirds of one minute.

What is two thirds of sixty?

Two thirds of sixty is forty. One third of sixty is twenty.

What is forty three dollars plus two thirds?

Two thirds of a dollar is (66 and 2/3) cents.

What is two thirds of forty two thousand?

2/3 * 42,000 is 28,000.

What is two thirds of forty eight?

32 is 2/3 of 48.

What is two-thirds of a 130?

Forty three point three reccuring

What is forty divided by five thirds?

Forty divided by five thirds = 24/1 or 24

Which is greater two-thirds or three-forths?

Three-fourths is bigger than two-thirds. Visualize a clock; forty-five minutes after (3/4) is further than forty minutes after (2/3).

How many is forty-eight and two-thirds?

It's written 48 2/3.

Can you simplify two and forty-thirds?

No you cannot. Two is only divisible by 1 and itself. 43 cannot be divided by two

Is two thirds equivalent to ninety-six over one-hundred forty four?


What fraction lies halfway between two thirds and five eighths?

31/48Thirty one forty eighths.

What is two thirds times two thirds times two thirds times two thirds time two thirds?


What is forty sixtieths in simplest form?

Forty Sixtyeths in simplest form is: This better not be homework and if it's for a fifth grader or higher then you should know this by now TWO THIRDS

Which is bigger three twelves or two thirds?

Two thirds.Two thirds.Two thirds.Two thirds.

How many thirds are in two and two thirds?

There are 8 "thirds" in two and two thirds.

What is the answer to 9 and two thirds and 5 and two thirds?

the answer to nine and two thirds and five and two thirds is 4

What is greater seven twelfths or two thirds?

two thirds

What is three thirds of forty five thousand?

45 thousand!

What is two-thirds in SI units?

The system of measurement has no effect on fractions, so that: two-thirds of a metre is two-thirds of a metre, just as two-thirds of a mile is two-thirds of a mile. two-thirds of a second is two-thirds of a second etc.

What is four and two thirds divided by seven?

I get two thirds. its 0.6666666666666666666666666666667 OR two thirds!

What is two thirds times 1?

two thirds times one is two thirds.