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There is no answer if you are looking for a location because there are two latitude measurements and no longitude measurements.

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Q: What is the answer of the clue scroll that has the hint 22 degrees 30 minutes north and 3 degrees and minute north?
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What is the absolute location of Avon Lake in degrees and minutes?

The absolute location of Avon Lake, Ohio is approximately 41 degrees, 30 minutes north latitude and 82 degrees, 1 minute west longitude.

16 degrees 35 minutes north 27 degrees 01 minutes east runescape clue scroll help?

Level 22 wilderness - north of the east of Clan Wars, there are a few volcanoes. Look for the two taller volcanoes on the north edge of the group. The dig spot is just southeast of the western volcano.

What is the longitude and latitude of Corsica?

The island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea is pretty big. The northern tip is at 43 degrees north, 9 degrees 25 minutes east. The southern tip is at 41 degrees 22 minutes north, 9 degrees 15 minutes east. Each minute of latitude difference equates to 1 nautical mile, so it is easy to calculate that Corsica is 1 degree and 38 minutes long, or 98 nautical miles from north to south.

Where is 12 degrees 40 minutes north and 23 degrees 30 minutes north by 55 degrees west and 85 degrees west?

Right here.

What place is 21 degrees north 2 minutes north 105 degrees east 51 minutes east?

Jacob mills

What is the location of Thailand in degrees?

13 degrees, 45 minutes North, 100 degrees, 29 minutes East.

What is at 18 degrees 15 minutes north 77 degrees 30 minutes west?


What is at 18 degrees 30 minutes north and 78 degrees 6 minutes west?


For the runescape clue scroll 09 degrees 33 minutes north 2 degrees 15 minutes east?

This clue corresponds to a location in the game RuneScape. Players familiar with the game may use the coordinates 09 degrees 33 minutes north, 02 degrees 15 minutes east to locate a specific spot for a clue or quest objective.

What is the equate and prime meridian for Hawaii?

The word "equate" is irrelevant for the latitude and longitude of Hawaii and the prime meridian runs north and south through Greenwich, England. The coordinates for Honolulu, Hawaii are 21 degrees, 19 minutes North, 157 degrees, 55 minutes West, for Hilo, Hawaii are 19 degrees 42 minutes North, 155 degrees 02 minutes West, for Kahului, Maui are 20 degrees, 53 minutes North, 156 degrees, 26 minutes West, and Lihue, Kauai are 21 degrees, 58 minutes North, 157 degrees, 20 minutes West. These coordinates are for the airport terminals of the capitals of the State and island counties.

What is the line of longitude and latitude of Serbia?

Serbia goes from 46 degrees 12 minutes north to 42 degrees north, and from 18 degrees 50 minutes east to 23 degrees east.

What is longitude of Nottingham?

52 degrees 57 minutes north, 01 degrees 09 minutes west.