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Q: What is the answer to 2 brackets 2 star 2 brackets plus 2 minus 2 bracket slash 2?
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What is the algebric answer to this 7C minus open bracket C plus 2 close bracket?

7C MINUS bracket open c plus 2 bracket close equals 7c minus c minus 2 equals 6c minus 2

Expand and simplify bracket a plus 5 bracket bracket a minus 5 bracket?

(a + 5) (a - 5) = a2 - 25

What are the names of the keyboard symbol?

well, there is a number symbol, money symbol, percent symbol, and symbol, star symbol and these are just some of them...

How would you solve 2 to the a plus 3 equals 3 to the 2a minus 1?

Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "divided by", "equals", "squared", "cubed" etc. Please use "brackets" (or parentheses) because it is impossible to work out whether "x plus y squared" means x + y^2 or (x + y)^2. You will need to use a code, for example b1 (open bracket) and b2 (close bracket), because the browser will reject brackets!Here, it is not clear whether you mean 2^a + 3 or 2^(a+3)

What did francois viete discover in math?

he established the use of of plus,minus signs,brackets,and braces.

Seven plus two slash seven minus four equals?

7-2/7-4 = 5/3

How do you simplify x2-8x plus 12 will they both contain a minus sign?

Yes, both brackets will contain a minus sign. (x -2)(x-6)

What is the last operation Excel performs?

Generally it is additions and subtractions on a left to right basis. So if a minus comes before a plus, the minus is done first and the plus last. If a plus comes before a minus, then the plus is done first and then the minus. It can be more complex than that, when you bring other elements into calculations. Things inside brackets are all done before anything outside brackets. In that case, were there pluses and minuses inside brackets and only multiplications outside, then the pluses and minuses would be done before the multiplications. BOMDAS is a way of remembering the order to do things in: Brackets, power Of, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction. There are other variations of this: Parantheses, Exponentiation, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction.

Solve 2 open bracket 2x minus 5 close bracket plus 6 equals 12?

2(2*4-5)+6 = 12

How do you take 7x2 minus 24x-16 and factor into two binomials?

Set up two brackets. Since 7 only has two factors, put 7x in one bracket and x in the other. The two other numbers will be a factor pair of 16 (16,1)(8,2)(4,4). Since the signs are minus, one of the brackets will be plus and one will be minus. Now you just have to put it together in a way that fits. We used to call that trial and error, now it's called guess and check. (7x + 4)(x - 4)

If x to the power of 2 plus y to the power of 2 plus z to the power of 2 plus 10x plus 20y minus 30z plus 350 equals 0 find the value of open bracket x-y-z close bracket to the power of 5?


If you were to factor the equation what must be true about the two brackets of factors?

one will contain a minus sign and the other will contain a plus sign