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9t = 4t + 120

9t-4t = 4t - 4t + 120

5t = 120

5t/5 = 120/5

t = 24

24 is your answer

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Q: What is the answer to 9t equals 4t plus 120?
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Solve 9t plus 15t equals 216?

9t + 15t= 216 24t=216 t=216/24 t=9

-3t -5 -9t plus 9 equals?


what is 9t divided by 6 equals 6, t=?


What is 9t equals 702?

9t=702 t=702/9 t=78

What is 4 t plus 5 t plus 6 equals?

9t+6, but you would need answer to t or you would need the answer to the equation

What does 1T 2T 3T 4T 5T 6T 7T 8T 9T etc mean in cooking?

T is table spoon

What is The answer for 9t plus 5 equals 7 - 2t?

9t + 5 = 7 - 2t Subtract five from both sides: 9t = 2 - 2t Add 2t to both sides: 11t = 2 Divide both sides by 2 t = 2/11 or about .1818

How do you factor 9t plus 9?

9t + 9 = 9 (t + 1)

How do you factor -9w plus zt plus wz - 9t?

-9w + zt + wz - 9t = (z - 9)(t + w)

8t - 6 is less than or equal to 9t plus 10?

8t-6 <= 9t + 10 -16<= t T is greater than or equal to negative 16

9t squared plus 42t plus 49?

9t2 + 42t + 49 is a perfect square, equal to (3t + 7)2

What is 9t2 plus 12t plus 4?

If you mean: 9t^2 +12t +4 then it is (3t+2)(3t+2) when factored

What arithmetic operations does the expression 12 plus 9t over 25 contain?

The operations are the 'plus' and 'over' bits so the operations are addition and division.

What is the derivative of 4 point 1 cos point 9t?

f(x) = 4.1cos9t the derivitative of just cos(9t) is -9sin9t then just multiply -9 by 4.1 (-36.9) the derivative is -36.9sin(9t)

What is the GCF of 6 and 9t?


What is the gcf of -6t3 and 9t?


What is the GCF of 6t3 and 9t?

The GCF is 3t.

Is 18000lb greater than 9t?

They are the same.

Does a 9t driver fit any hub?


9 t lb?

9t = 18000 lbs

What is 5 times 3t3?

3t3 is the same as 9t because multiplication is commutative. 5 * 9t = 45t. If you meant 3t^3, then 3t^3 * 5 = 15t^3.

What is the GCF of -6t to the 3rd power and 9t?


18000 lb which is bigger 9t?

9 tons is bigger.

What is 9 times t?

Expressed algebraically, this is equal to 9t.

How do you simplify 21t plus 14-12t-30?

You can combine like terms - combine the terms that have a "t" in them; separately, combine the terms that don't.

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