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What is the question ?

I can think of three possibilities:

#1). What is the name of this shape ? . . . . . Heptagon.

#2). What is the perimeter of this heptagon ? . . . . . 94 cm

#3). What is the area of this heptagon ? . . . . . Very tough. You'd have to

draw it on graph paper and count up all the little boxes.

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Q: What is the answer to a irregular shape area sides are 8cm 13cm 19cm 16cm 15cm 18cm 5cm?
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Is 13cm long erect is that an average size?

yes from 12-15cm

Where is 0.13m on a 15cm ruler?

0.13m is equal to 13cm. So between the 12cm and the 14cm segments :)

What shape has sidelines of 5cm 8cm and 15cm?

Well, assuming it doesn't have any other sides, it's a scalene triangle.

How big is the normal ax toy animorph transformer?

It depends on how youre measuring him in his centaur form he is roughly 15cm tall and 13cm long

What is a triangle with sides 11cm 15cm 11cm?


If an isosceles triangle is a triangle with 2 congruent equal sides if the third side is three times the length of the congruent sides and the perimeter is 75cm find the length of all three sides?

Let x be the length of one of the congruent sides, then the three sides are x, x, 3x. Perimeter = x + x + 3x = 5x = 75cm => x = 15cm Thus the three sides are 15cm, 15cm, 45cm.

What is the missing length of the right triangle which measures 15 cm by 13 cm?

We don't know whether the 15cm happens to be the hypotenuse (longest side) of the right triangle. It makes a big difference. -- If the 15cm is the longest side, then the third side is 7.483 cm. (rounded) -- If the 13cm and the 15cm are the "legs", then the hypotenuse is 19.849 cm. (rounded)

What is the area of a right triangle with sides of 8cm 15cm 17cm?

60 cm2

What is the perimeter of 8cm and 15cm?

Perimeter is the total of all the sides. Let's assume your part-question relates to a rectangle. Four sides: 2 x 8cm and 2 x 15cm. I'm sure you can work it out from there...

What is the perimeter of a regular octagon with a 15cm sides?

Perimeter = 8*15 = 120 cm

What are the sides of a square with an area of 15cm 2?

sqrt(15) = 3.873 cm (approx)

What is the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle where the two sides are 15cm and 15cm long?

Using Pythagoras' theorem: 15 times the square root of 2 cm in length

What does write an expression for the perimeter mean?

Basically, the perimeter of a shape is the total legnth of all it's sides, therefore to write an expression for it, you need to get the legnths of the sides (even if there is a letter (eg: n)), then put them into an expression. For instance: A polygon has 2 sides that are 15cm long, 1 side that is 22cm long, 4 sides that are n long and 3 sides that are a long. To write the expression for the perimeter of this polygon as basically as possible, you would write: 15cm + 15cm + 22cm + n + n + n + n + a + a + a Now you need to simplify it: 52cm + 4n + 3a If you were asked this question, you would write 52cm + 4n + 3a as your answer. That is an expression for the perimeter of that particular polygon. If you apply the same theory to any question like the one you asked about, you would get it right.

What is 15cm 15cm in inches?

5.90551 inches

A regular polygon has?

A regular polygon is a polygon in which all the angles and sides are equal, say on a regular polygon if one side is 15cm if you know that they are all equal, all the other sides are 15cm, also you can assume on a regular polygon, that if one angle is 75o all the other angles are 75o

Do fish get hurt if they are contained in a small tank?

If you are talking about such a small tank that the fish is touching all sides at the same time, then yes. But if you are talking about a little goldfish in a 15cm x 15cm tank then no, it will just be a bit uncomfortable.

What is the radius of a 15cm circle?

If 15cm is the diameter then the radius is 7.5cm If the circumference is 15cm then the radius is 7.5/pi cm

How many inches go into 15cm?

15cm = 5.9 inches.

What is 15cm-58mm equals?

15cm-58mm equals = -43

What is the perimeter of a regular hexagon with side lengths of 15cm?

90cm (six sides x 15 = 6 x 15 = 90)

15cm is how many inches?

15cm equates to about six (5.90551) inches.

What is the surface of 15cm x 15cm?

15*15 = 225 square centimetres.

What is 15cm plus 15cm plus 17.8cm plus 17.8cm?

65.6 centimeters.

What is the circumference of a circle with diameter of 15cm?

The circumference of a circle with diameter of 15cm is about 47.12cm

What is the circumference of a circle if the diameter is 15cm?

The circumference of a circle, if the diameter is 15cm, is about 47.12cm