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  1. You just leave it alone
  2. Know say sorry
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Q: What is the answer to four ninths and one half divided by two and eight ninths?
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Is four ninths half of eight eighteenths?

no same half is four eighteenths or eight thirty-sixths

Is 4 ninths less than 1 half?

Yes. Four-ninths (or four divided by nine, 0.4 with the 4 repeating) is a lesser value than one-half (or one divided by two, 0.5).

What is four ninths divided by two and one half?

It is 4/9 divided by 5/2 = 8/45

What is 4 divided by a negative half?

Four divided by a negative half is negative eight.

Is one half bigger than four-ninths?


Is eight ninths equal to one half?


What is half of eight ninths?


Is 2 and a half less than two and four ninths?

No. 2 and a half (or 2.5) is greater than two and four ninths(or 2.4444...).

What is two ninths divided by one half?

2/9 / 1/2 = 4/9 or four ninths.2/9 divided by 1/2 = 2/9 x 2/1 = 4/9

What is thirty four divided by eight and half?

34/8.5 = 4

What is 1 ninth divided by 1 half?


What is 1 half divided by 4 ninths?


What is 8 ninths divided by one half?


Is four ninths smaller than a half?


What is one half plus eight ninths?

The answer is 25/18.

What is one half minus four ninths?


Is four ninths closer to a whole or a half?

4/9 is closer to a half because 4.5/9 is half

What is half eight in french?

Half of eight is four, and four in french is quatre.

What is five and eight ninths plus three and one half?

9 and 7/18

Does four and one third divided by two give you eight and one sixth?

No, 2 and 1/6. Half of four is two.

Is four ninths greater than one half?

No, one half is bigger.Four Ninths = 4/9 = 8/18. One Half = 1/2 = 9/18. 8/18 < 9/18, so 4/9

How can thirteen be half of eight?

it's not. Four is half of eight. And half of eighteen is nine.

What is Four and one half divided by one and four fifths?

It is two and a half.

What is half of eight and a half?

8.5 divided by 2 is 4.25

What is seven and a half divided by four and a half?