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Q: What is the answer to four times nine plus eight divide by two subtract six times five?
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How many times can you subtract six from 30?

Five times

How to divde whole numbers and fractions?

ok...if you want to divide two by eight...what is half of eight...the answer is four....and to divide fractions you do this for example it is : 3/4 divided by 5/7 ... you switch the five and seven so the seven is on the top and five on the bottom, and then you multiply by doing three times five and four times seven ...and u get a fraction..

What is five ninths times eight?

five ninths times eight is forty ninths.

How many times can you 5 subtract from 25?


What is eight times twenty five times twenty three?

Eight times twenty-five times twenty-three is equal to 4,600.

How many times can you subtract the number five from twenty five?

5 times 1 time, when you take five from twenty five it becomes twenty.

What is three hundred and thirty - eight divide by five?


What is eight and three fours subtract five and one third?

3 and one sixth

What does three times four plus one subtract five?


Eight over seven divide by six over five?


2870990000 km is how many miles?

Divide by eight, multiply by five.

You are searching for a number that when these operations are performed will have an answer of 7 Here are the operations add 5 multiply by 3 divide by 4 and subtract 2?

Here is how I arrived at the answer: start with the number seven add two, multiply by four, divide by three, subtract five. The answer is seven. Ceck it: seven plus five is 12, 12 times three is 36, 36 divided by four is nine Nine minus two is seven.

What kind of property is two times eight times five equals two times eight times five?

associative property i think 3x2x4= 2x4x3

What is five divide by five add two times three?

1 + 6 = 7

What is forty five subtract twenty three times two plus one?


What is the answer for five times negative two minus twelve subtract negative two?

- 20

What is five times eight equals three times c?

The answer is 13.

What is the answer to eight times five seventh?

Eight times 5/7 = 5 5/7

What is five hundred seventy-eight times thirty-five equals?


What is five times one and three fifths?


How can you work out eight times twenty five?


What is five times eight?

5 x8 = 40

What is positive five times a negative eight?

It is: 5 times -8 = -40

How do you divide 100BY 20?

20 goes into 100 five times.

How many times will five divide into 765?

It is: 765/5 = 153

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