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x= Negative 4

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Q: What is the answer to negative x minus 4x minus 7 equals negative 2x plus 5?
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Related questions

What does X equal is 2x minus fifty five equals negative 3x plus 20?

x = 15

What is X in X plus 2X minus 5 plus 2X minus 5 plus 2 equals 127?


What order pairs to equation x minus 2x equals negative 4 and equation 2x minus y equals 1?

x = 4 and y = 7

6 minus x plus 7minus 3x minus 5 equals negative 2x minus 10?

6 - x + 7 - 3x - 5 = -2x - 10 ∴ x + 3x - 2x = 6 + 7 - 5 + 10 ∴ 2x = 18 ∴ x = 9

What is 6x plus 3y-2x plus 5y?

6x plus 3y minus 2x plus 5y equals 4x plus 8y.

What are the factors of 2X squared minus negative X minus 10?

"minus negative x" means "plus x" (2x - 5)(x + 2) or (2x + 5)(x - 2) depending on what you really meant...

What are the order pairs to equation x minus 2x equals negative 4 and equation 2x minus y equals 1?

x = 4 and y = 7 which will satisfy both equations

What is 3x plus 4 equals 19 minus 2x?

An equation where x equals 3.

What equation is parallel to y-2x equals 5?

[ y = 2x plus or minus any number ] is parallel to it. [ y = -0.5x plus or minus any number ] is perpendicular to it.

Which equation represents a line that is parallel to the line represented by the equuation y equals -2x plus 5?

(Y = -2x plus or minus any number) is parallel to (Y = -2x + 5) .

2x plus 7x minus 10 equals 4x plus 3 minus 2x?

2x+7x-10=4x+3-2x 9x-10=2x+3 7x=13 x=13/7ans

What is 2x plus y equals 1 2x equals minus y equals -5?

It seems to be some kind of simultaneous equation with too many equality signs in it.

What is 3x squared plus 2x minus 8 equals 0?

3x2 + 2x - 8 = 0 is a quadratic equation.

If the sum of the roots of x to the power of 3 minus x to the power of 2 minus 2x plus 2 equals 0 is zero find all the roots?

1 and the positive and negative square roots of 2

What is x in 8 plus 2x plus 3-x equals 2x plus 1?

if it is -X then X=5 if it was minus X the X=10

2x plus 22 equals 13x minus 7?


If 4x minus 7 equals 2x plus 5 what is x?

4x - 7 = 2x + 5 2x - 7 = 5 2x = 12 x = 6.

3x plus 7 equals 2x minus 5?

3x+7=2x-5 x=-12

What is the slope of y minus 2x equals negative 3?

The slope is 2 and the y intercept is -3

What is the value of x when 2x plus 3 equals 3x minus 4?


what shows the equation y plus 4 equals 2x minus 1 written in standard form?

y + 4 = 2x −1

2x plus 3 minus 7 equals 0?

2x+3-7=0 2x=4 x=2

2x plus 3y equals 13 3x minus y equals 3 x equals?

2x+3y=13 3x-y=3 x=2

What is the solution of the equation y equals 2x plus 10?

the answer is y minus 10 divided by 2.

What is negative two ex plus three plus one equals negative seven?

-2x+3+1=-7 -2x=-11 x=11/2